Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tea and Staircases

I have not been doing a lot of miniature work lately. I did manage to work a bit on the staircase for my house for Bernard the bear. I decided that the staircase would need a railing or a wall- he could fall off of an open staircase if he was too tired! I built a wall out of skinny sticks and metal washers. I have not attached it yet- still trying to decide if I like it or not. I also made a second staircase out of skinny sticks and basswood. It's not perfect- but it matches close enough to the set that came with the house I think. I think that if a dollhouse has stairs to one floor that there should be stairs to every floor, or no staircases at all. Just my opinion. I have also been working on my tea cozy. This is for my regular "human" teapot. I drink a lot of hot tea in the winter, so I stitched this tea cozy for my tea to stay warm in between cups. Unfortunately, after I made it I had the teapot too close to the stove and my hubby splashed bacon grease on it. I love this fabric- and I had already done all the beading you see on the edge of the cozy, so I decided rather than throw it out and start over I would just keep stitching on the cozy until the bacon grease is hidden. I'm still stitching on it, but here you can see the progress I have made so far. I have to say a big thank you to everyone that read my previous post all the way through and commented. I do not have a lot of friends in real life- definitely not a lot that would want to hear about my weight and health issues, so support from blogging friends mean a lot to me. Walked yesterday and had a very healthy dinner with some strawberries as a snack, so I am heading in the right direction hopefully.


Katie said...

....just to let you know, You can use Dawn dish detergent to get grease out of clothes:) Maybe once your finished, you can try soaking it in some warm water with the detergent?

I like the stairs~ It's very inventive that you used washes as a decorative finish!! I've been trying to think of how I wanted to do one in Cora's gothic room.

Love the bear!! He's too cute:)

Ara said...

I do hope you can cover up or get out the stain because that is just too cute!! I love it!

I like the stair way wall too! It's very unique! -ara

sunshine said...

Awww Kimmy. Your last few sentences broke my heart! :(
I so wish I lived closer. You and I could go out for walks.. have tea parties( with healthy snack of course). Talk about how fat we are..LOL
I"m so glad that you had a good day eating and exercising! One day at a time girl. You're off to a great start.
I'd send Cheech over to lick off the bacon grease if he were a NORMAL dog.
The staircase turned out great. I'd be scared to walk down them though... they look steep! (I broke my collar bone when I was a kid falling down a set of steep stairs).
Love you!

Deni said...

The tea cosy in lovely, what a lot of work, but very enjoyable, I drink a lot of tea too!

The wallpaper looks fab! your doing a great job on your house!

Slow and easy wins the race!
Often I go at it like a madman then don't enjoy it as much!lol

Minna said...

The staircase wall looks very nice and it is a great idea - thank you! I have been planning to make a railing for the staircase of my other Lundby, as the old railing was broken, and now I think that I could make some kind of a wall instead.

I love the tea cosy too.

Dani said...

Hi Kim , here a big tea drinker too...i don't like coffee, your tea cosy is great...!! the bear dolls sweet...and good to hear that you had a good day with walking and the health dinner...where do i find energy to do the same !!...go for it !!...and if you have a off day...well...there will be another day the next day ;) xx

The Carolina Quilter said...

I haven't gotten much done on mini's either but your stairs are looking good. I'm sure your little bear friend will be happy!


Mellz said...

i haven't made a mini in so long it's crazy! i really need to get back to it soon.

what a cute tea cozy! sorry hubby splashed grease on it. I hate how grease stains, blech.

Nice job on the stairs and good job on your health goals too. :D

Tallulah~Belle said...

I see no grease :-)

I wish I could sew like that. I am struggling trying to make a simple pair of jeans :(

I love the it a very modern look. Clever idea.

Tallulah~Belle said...

Guess I should say a doll size pair of jeans...I am not crazy enough to attempt to hand sew and adult pair :-)

Mary said...

I'm here rooting for you, Kim, in all the journies in life.

Lotsa hugs,

sunshine said...

Hope that you are having a great weekend!
Have you gotten out for any walks? Eating healthy??
Miss you!

Dani said...

Thank you....for the sweet letter :) it this afternoon !!...going to write you back this week !!..have a you know a girl from the age 12-13 who wants to have a penpal ?...My daughter saw your letter and she would love to have a penpal i thought let ask never know ;) xx

Kim said...

Sooo sorry to be replying to you all so late- last hectic week of the summer I hope!

Katie- thank you for the tip-I'm going to try it out!

Laura- you better not send Cheech- you might not get him back! I wish we lived closer too- I just love you!

Jayne- I can sew pretty well by hand- it is the machine that gives me troubles! I think your jeans turned out great- It is challenging to learn something new and I think you are doing a fab job on your rock star!

Dani, Mellz, Ara, Jody, Deni, Minna--everyone--thank you so much for the words of support! I will think of all of you as I struggle and it will help immensely- more than you can know!!!

Dani- I might know someone that might be interested- but I won't get to see her for a bit--I'll let you know what I can find out. I think this little girl might find it very fun to have a penpal.