Friday, August 7, 2009


I bought my 2 school books today!!!! I think I may have had a heart attack when the gal told me $127.00, but I kind of expected it, so had money set aside for it. I guess I should say thank goodness she didn't say a higher number. I do not know if I am more scared or more excited. Now I just have to wait 2 weeks for that first class and then hopefully all will be good. I feel just like I did way, way, way back on the night before the first day going to the big bad high school. Did your older friends tell you horror stories of what they did to the freshmen in high school that kept you awake the night before? Just had to post about my books because I just had to tell someone else besides my brother! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Ara said...

Yep - everytime my hubs comes home and tells me how much his books cost I nearly faint!! He has to buy his soon... ick! Good luck with school! -ara

Mary said...

My younger brother who is in school at the moment sometimes gets second-hand textbooks at and He says it saves him a bundle but can be inconvenient when he needs the book right away or doesn't know which book is required for a class.

Best wishes on this adventure, Kim!

Mini hugs,

Tiffany said...

I remember my textbooks being ridiculously expensive too. I guess it's like a captive audience so they know you have to pay it.

I wish I were going to back to school! I loved school. Good luck to you- it wil be fun!

Minna said...

Good luck with your school Kim!

Kim said...

Mary- Thank you for that tip! I am hoping to take more than one class next semester, so that tip could be a lifesaver!

Thank you everyone for the well wishes- it is weird how exciting but frightening it is at the same time!

Jean Day said...

Hi Kim,

I have a photo challenge for you on my blog. It is fun!

Hugs, Jean

Mellz said...

I hated buying books! They're too dang expensive!! I'm excited for you. I need to get back to school...I've put it off for too long. I think I know what I want to get a degree in now so why am I putting it off? Who knows. You've inspired me to think long and hard about when I'm going back!

Good Luck!!!

Dani said...

really exciting !!..

Hel said...

I loved school but i was wide awake the night before my first day. I stayed up and watched the Witches of Eastwick with my mum, then I did exactly the same thing the day before I started college!

Have a good time at school.

x hel x