Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Project

I am having a wonderful Saturday. We had decided to be lazy today since my hubby and I are both tired, but somehow that never lasts for us. We have been slowly remodeling and fixing our old farmhouse. My bedroom is one of the rooms we have hardly touched. We bought a log bed last spring and I love it. I live in a wooded area and I love the look of natural wood in my home. Anyhow, we have this old dresser that is in pretty bad shape. We have been talking about stripping off the old poly and varnish and sanding it down and just polying the wood to match the log bed, so today I started stripping and sanding drawers. You can see in this picture the old stain-- and one drawer I already finished stripping and sanding. I am stopping for the day and I have four drawers done. Not too bad. The hydrangea and the purple coneflower are blooming in my garden and they are gorgeous! The other picture is of my favorite sight when I am driving home from work. I think these are sheep- although there may be some goats there too, I'm not sure. I love these little guys and it makes me smile every time I see them out eating. Hope your Saturday was great!


Debi Minter from WY said...

Good Afternoon my friend!
Love your pictures today! I looked at the enlarged photos to get a good view, and I have to say that I think your critters who make you smile are all goats. A couple of different breeds, but they all look like goats to me. We had 3 different breeds of goat when we lived in WA on our 9 acres. Yup, they look like goats to me... so VERY cute! I love them!
The refinishing job looks great too! And the flowers in your garden are to DIE for!
BiG HuGGs!

dora said...

Pues no dudo que su dormitorio, le quedará genial.
Tiene unas vistas preciosas, que rebosan paz.Felicidades.

Kim said...

Debi- I was wondering if they were all goats, but hubby said this farmer had sheep. Maybe he has switched to all goats? I love them so much- I want to snatch some up to take home. Thank you for telling me! I wish I could have a small farm, but alas, I do not have the money or extra time some farm animals would take. Maybe when I retire. Sigh.

Gracias por los elogios! Estoy casi terminado el lijado, ahora voy a tener que Refinish! ¿Tienes un jardín? Espero que puedas leer este-he usado un traductor como yo no hablo español. Abrazos para ti!

Papillon Bleu said...

You speak Spanish Kim?

sunshine said...

I love goats! I grew up with them on our hobby farm. They are so sweet. I won't tell you my "Sad Goat Story"'s far too sad.

The garden is looking great. I feel overwhelmed just looking at it! LOL But seriously .. you are doing a really good job with it.

I love your bed! The dresser is going to look tres fab when you are finished!!

P.S. How's the walking and eating going??

Kim said...

Patricia- No, sadly I do not speak Spanish. I wish I did. I used google language translator to read Dora's comment and reply to her. I hope it translated well and I did not say anything rude!! I wish I had more time because learning new languages has always been a wish of mine. I would really love to learn to speak Italian!

Laura- I am sending you an email- too much yapping to do in just a comment :) Gotta do some work right now, but sending you a note this afternoon :)