Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was driving to work this morning and I happened to think....I am happy. I think I might be the happiest I have ever been. It is true that I am working on things to improve. I would like to be a bit healthier, my list of home improvement is not entirely finished, I have a bad habit of starting waaay too many projects. However, I am a very happy and lucky girl. People told me the year I turned 40 would be tough, but I think I am just starting to turn into the person I would like to be. I look around me at the friends I have, the home I live in, the wonderful nature that surrounds my home, my family, my incredible husband and I am so very grateful. I really don't know how I could ask for more in life and I just felt the need to express that today. I hope you are feeling happy lately too.


Ara said...

That's so wonderful Kim!! I feel about the same as you do! (my husband and I just started a workout routine we are acutally sticking too!!) And whether projects go quickly or not I know if feels good just to know things are getting done!! -ara

rosanna said...

Hi Kim. We are lucky people. I'm a happy person too, I feel blessed by life. I had a wonderful family as a girl, I have a fantastic son and the kindest hubby. We are healthy and we lack of nothing. Sometimes I feel spoiled by life and I daily thank for it.

sunshine said...

I'll be happy when I get my photoshop program and I can start wrecking people's lives with it. Muwhahahahahahhaha! I kid, I kid!

I'm glad that you are feeling good about yourself and where you're at.
You're a very special person!!

Debi Minter from WY said...

YESSS! The key to happiness. I read a book many MANY years ago called "Happiness is a Choice". I learned so much from that book. I've given it away many times. This sounds like it could almost come from that book!!!
I'm so glad to hear your joy in this post!

Doreen said...

I really believe the expression "Life Begins At Forty" That was my best decade ever. I had finally reached a time in my life where I felt I was in control of my life and was no longer an insecure person and could accept myself as the person I was. It was a wonderful decade - enjoy every minute of it. Now that I am in my sixties, I need to look a little more to my health and I need to also lose a few pounds and walk a bit more. But I am finally retired and still enjoying life and the world around me.

kibbygirl said...

Yea!!! Maybe my little wish worked. That's the best feeling isn't it?

Kim said...

Ara- hooray for exercise! Wish I could get my hubby to do it with me- lucky girl!!

Rosanna- Lucky indeed! I have been thanking daily too- I am so grateful!

Laura- no stealing my photos!! You are special person too- I am very grateful for you- and you can always make me laugh out loud!

Debi- How blessed I am to know you all these years. You are a treasure- hugs to you!

Doreen- this is how I feel- I am my own person and I am happy with me. I am starting to worry less about how others see me and just be the best person I can be for myself and let it transfer to others as much as I can. I can see how much you enjoy your retirement in your pictures- it is wonderful because that is how retirement should be. A big hug to you!!

Kibbygirl- The best feeling ever!!! Keep wishing- it's working well!! Hugs!

Tallulah~Belle said...

What a lovely realization to have....lets hope you have it every day !