Monday, August 17, 2009

embarrassing photos :)

This will be possibly my most embarrassing blog post ever- but I'm really working on this, so the more brave and open I am about it, the more likely I will be to stick to this. Here are before pics for my reference- taken today. Please try to ignore the sweat and plastered down hair(I just got done exercising) and the grubby clothes(my first "treat" for doing well should be new workout clothes I guess).


PonderandStitch said...

How wonderful of you to post these!!!! You are such an inspiration!

Debi Minter from WY said...

Oh My Gosh! You have way more guts than I do. Good gracious. I've gotta think on this and see if I have the courage to post before pictures of myself. You are such an inspiration!

Tiffany said...

Well, I think you look a lot better than you give yourself credit for. Good for you to post these pics! Brave girl. I'm cheering you on, but I'm in a little bit of a funk of my own and I'm going to go eat a piece of ice cream cake. Cake always makes me feel better. I'll diet tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day. ;-)

moti said...

Hi!!!!, not to be embarrased!!!!!!!
just BE HAPPY!!!!!!!
have a nice summer!!!!!


sunshine said...

Let me just start by saying..I think you look great. Seriously, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
I know how hard it is to post pictures that we precieve to be less than flattering of ourselves. (think me in my It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like that.
You're doing great. We're all cheering you on! Go Kimmy!!!

Kim said...

Thank you again everyone. I really don't want to seem like I am looking for comments or attention- I really need this process of being accountable for doing this- and since I can't afford weight watchers right now it is almost as if you are all my meetings now instead :) If I post a picture and I post how I am doing it is far harder to make excuses not to stick with it- hope that makes sense! I am also doing this more for the way I feel than the way I look---I don't believe that we all need to look like hollywood actors- but I can really tell the difference in how I feel and how much energy I have just with these extra 10-12 pounds- so off they must go! Thank you again everyone- now I gotta go see what I can post about so I can get these pictures to travel further down the page :)

Papillon Bleu said...

Kim, it is so nice to see you!
You know what? all I want to do when I see your pics is to give you a big hug coz you are such a cutie!!!
Honestly! you look great!

I hope to finish your cakes this weekend so you can receive them very soon!I got a bit side -tracked with my mini shop...sorry...

Take care!

Kim said...


You are too sweet- I wish I could give you a big hug back! Do not worry about when you send the cakes- you are sending me a gift- there is no time line!! I cannot wait to see your finished floor- I really can't wait to see your cakes and pastries on those cute little shelves!! What a fun project you are doing!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Hi there!!!!

You are so nice! I am so happy I can see you! You are one of my best friends and it's hard enough that you are so far! :( so with pictures I HAVE THE IMPRESSION YOU ARE NEARER...(I hope I can explain what I mean :)
I am happy you posted the picture and I thank you for sharing them.

I need to loose 20 pounds myself, but I cannot give up with eating and I really hate sporting (without mentioning that with all I plan to do there is no space left for sporting...) :-p

I agree when you say that it's not about looking like top models, but just for feeling good with ourselves and healthy: you have my 100% support and an extra supporting Hug!


Kim said...

Eva- you are one of my best friends also! From the first moment I have read your blog and read your beautiful stories I knew that we would get along. I am not very good at the exercise and eating either, but I have been trying harder. It is slow going so far!! Thank you for your support on my journey also- I try to remember all of the comments and help I am getting in the blog when I feel like quitting :)

A big hug back to you my friend!!! I wish I could give it to you in person!!!