Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome......and I finished the pillows!

I have couple of followers to welcome this morning and pictures of some of the things I have been up to.

I would like to welcome

I have been following her blog for awhile. She is working on a dollhouse that she has lovingly cleaned up and rescued. The dollhouse was in pretty poor shape, but it is looking better and better by the day! The last few posts are actually great eye candy of trying some furniture out in the rooms and planning- the most fun part! Dale also makes wonderful miniatures that I have been drooling over- her etsy shop can be found here:

I would also like to welcome

I love, love, love this blog! Such beautiful pictures to look at! Ponder and Stitch (sorry- I could not find your first name!) also has an etsy store that can be found here:

She makes the most beautiful bags, fabric wrist cuffs, tops and headbands.
I have not read very far back in her posts yet, but I love her style and I have to say that her new pet rat is the cutest little thing ever! I don't think I would ever have said that about a rat before either!

Please pay these ladies a visit if you have time and say hello!

I also have some pretty lousy pictures to share of the bed in my dollhouse. I finally finished the pillows!! I think they turned out ok for my first attempt. The little "throw" on the end of the bed looks better in real life- I don't know why I can't manage to take a decent picture of my minis! I have been looking and watching for a crocheted mini blanket in orange to put on the end of the bed, and I finally just made the little throw that you see there out of 2 pieces of lace sewed together. It works for now, but if I find something better I will probably replace it. That is all I have to show for accomplishments for the last couple of weeks. I have been helping my friend with her daughter's wedding. The rest of the time I have left over goes to weeding the garden and trying to keep up with housework. Such is life! Soon enough it will be winter and I will have loads of free time :)


Ara said...

It looks fantatic Kim!! What a rich room.... looks like a great bed to run and jump into (if you were a mini person of course!)

sunshine said...

Welcome to the new followers!

Love the bedroom. Are you sure you're not Italian? Looks VERY Italian to me. LOL

Cheech got his presents today. He was so excited!!! Thanks so very much. He (me) loves everything. I'll post pictures later or tomorrow. So cute!!!
Thanks again. You're so thoughtful and such a great friend. :)

Tiffany said...

Kim, I think it looks beautiful!!! Great job on that very sumptuous, beautiful bed. I'd like it for my real house! :)

PonderandStitch said...

Hello, Kim! So wonderful to meet you, and thanks for the compliments on my blog and shop! I just LOVE the pics of the dollhouse! I have always love dollhouses, and tiny things in general. This is making me want to start a dollhouse of my own! I wish my daughter had ever liked them, but, alas, she only cares about four-wheelers and fast cars and pokemon. Oh, well..

PonderandStitch said...

P.S. My name is Amy! :)

Dani said...

Hi Kim,

your Dollshouse looks daughter had some aswell just a simple one , she is 12 now and not playing with it for years but we still keep it...cannot do it away ;)...greeting to Amy ;)

xx Dani

dales_dreams said...

Hello Kim!
Thanks for the welcome, I'm still navigating this whole blogging thing. :)

I love the bedroom, the colors are so rich! :)

Debbie said...

Kim I think the bed looks beautiful. x

Kim said...

Thank you everyone for the compliments on the bedding. I am pretty pleased with my first mini needlework- I am thinking I might try a rug now. Maybe get some more experience before I go back to the frustrating tiny tea cozy kit!

Dale- I am still learning blogger too- I wish I had more time!

Amy- Very nice to meet you! You should keep your eye out for a dollhouse- they are too much fun!

Hel said...

it looks very luxurious in your mini bedroom, more of a boudoir!


x hel x