Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome and....strawberry pie :)

I have a new follower to welcome today. I know lots of people are already familiar with Tara from but if you are not you have to pay her a visit. Tara is building a dollhouse based on Winnie the Pooh and it is based on illustrations she has collected. It is so amazing to see Pooh's world come to life on Tara's blog and I look forward to each addition she makes. She is an excellent miniature printie artist. Tara also had the most amazing felted pooh doll made for her dollhouse from Jennifer from He is too cute! I love Tara's blog!

This weekend I made a chocolate lined strawberry pie. I did not get to the store until late sunday, so I made the pie after dinner sunday night and it needed to chill. We have not even tasted it yet! I hope that it tastes as good as it smelled, because it smelled divine. I am enjoying learning how to cook so much. I cheated and used a premade pie crust- but learning to make pie crust is on my list of things to accomplish this winter when I am snowed in and have more time. If only I could pass a piece out to all my blogging friends and see what you guys think!


kibbygirl said...

Oh Kim.. the pie looks awsome! I have such a sweet tooth, and that looks very tempting. Learning to make pie crust has been on my list for a few years so thank goodness for pre made ones.

tarapiglet said...

Jack Johnson, the guy who did the Curious George
soundtrack. Yeah I totally enjoy him but I don't own any albums except a few bootleg Van Morrison. I love radio music as well, like all the upbeat songs, Jack Johnson is deffinately one. I feel so good listening to his music.

And thanks for the mention of my blog! I'm flattered! It's going through a "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" stage where I'm just posting off topic at will. lmao Very liberating! But I'm about to get some real work done. Today in fact!

Mini hugs,

Meli said...

Great work Kim!!! It look really tastie!!!

Kim said...

Kibbygirl- Thank you- it was soooo delicious! I wish I could give you a slice:)

Tara- I actually like when people post what they like- makes the blog more interesting in my opinion, and a chance to get a sense of the person behind the blog. I love your posts- don't change anything :) Jack Johnson makes me smile- it's as if you just cannot be in a bad mood if he is singing. So calming and relaxing :)

Meli- Thank you!! I am really loving learning how to cook! It was so tasty- but now I must find someone to give some to so my hubby and me don't eat an entire pie by ourselves!!

Hel said...

That looks really tasty! save me a piece ;0)

x hel x

Debi Minter from WY said...

Oh My Gosh does that pie ever look good!!!! It's making my mouth water, and I have some fresh strawberries in the fridge right now. Must make something good for tonight! HuGGs! Debi

sunshine said...

Chocolate lined Strawberry pie!!
mmmm it looks soooo good! The only pie I've ever made (that I can remember) is lemon.

I love Jack Johnson too! :)