Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am very behind!

I am behind on everything! Real life really kicked me in the butt last week and i feel like I am never going to catch up! Luckily we had an extra day off for the fourth of july weekend so I am now caught up on laundry. My hubby and I will have clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow :) I spent all of last week trying to make up for all that I did not do the week before. Hopefully I am just about caught up and my normal schedule can return. Summers are way too busy! I think Minnesotans make it worse because we try to cram so much into them before it turns cold again. I have a new follower to welcome and an award to pass on- but I am going to do that entry tomorrow. For now, since I have not done anything but clean my house and weed my garden to try to catch up, I am going to just post pictures of my garden. It is really blooming now. Hopefully I will have some mini pictures to post this week too- I've been working on some a little bit each night before bed and I am almost finished with a couple of projects. Does anyone else have a hubby that is all proud that he helped clean up and by that he means he put his own clothes in the hamper? Good thing I am spoiled rotten or I might revolt. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Liberty Biberty said...

Oh, your garden is simply beautiful!

rosanna said...

You have such a lovely garden,I know it envolves a lot of works but the result is so beautiful

Tiffany said...


Fabulous flower pics! I am printing out the yellow day lilies to draw for my art journal. At least, I hope they are yellow day lilies. My flower knowledge is sketchy at best. At any rate, the yellow ones are really pretty! And my husband doesn't even bother with hitting the hamper. He's proud to hit the floor next to it. Sigh. Good thing they have other qualities,isn't it? :)

Kim said...

Thank you ladies! Tiffany- I am so glad that you find inspiration in my photos- you are free to take any that you would like for drawing, altering, painting- whatever you would like to try! I try to remember that I don't want to mow the lawn or fix windows or anything like that as I am cleaning up after hubby. Of course, I always am being surprised by presents and little love notes too,so it does even out. Just soooo much more noticeable how messy he is when I let everything go for a week! Funny to me what he considers clean too :)

Doreen said...

Your garden is lovely. We have had hardly any sun so very few of my flowers have bloomed. The greenery is great as they love the moisture from all the rain but the flowers need the sun. I still have some iris blooms! We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday but it is gloomy again today.

sunshine said...

Wow! That garden is coming along nicely, isn't it!!! Everything looks so beautiful. I especially love the kitty all curled up. :)

I'm tired too. This house of mine is kicking my ass. Big Time!
So glad to see you back. I missed you!

Kim said...

Doreen- we could use a touch of your rain I think- although the sun is good for the tourists and keeps them coming. I will hope for sun for you- I know how important it is for your area also- and I want to see some more of your blooming garden!

Laura- at least I am not the only one! Thank you for keeping tabs on me-helps keep me in line! I loved Twilight too- even though it's geared to teens. I dreamed of vampires and werewolves for weeks after I read the books! They weren't even scary books!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

You have such a beautiful garden and big open space.
I would love a big garden to grow flowers as beautiful as yours.

Kim said...

Thank you Nikki! I wish I could invite everyone over for a tour in person! I do thank God everyday for the blessings I have. This is a wonderful area to live- at night I hear the frogs in the pond instead of the traffic :)

Tallulah~Belle said... is really blooming looks wonderful Kim.