Thursday, July 30, 2009


Just a few garden pictures today. I have been helping my friend with her daughter's wedding and trying to get my house really clean for a small get together, so I have not been doing mini's or crafts the last few days. It is raining and cold here in Minnesota today. I love the rain-but if we don't get some heat soon all the lovely tomatoes on my hubby's plants are never going to turn red. I have some pictures of what is blooming now in the garden...purple coneflower daisies, white queen anne's lace and lavander and pink phlox. The other picture is of my new "children". Four beautiful raspberry plants that are planted in the new section of my hubby's garden. Three of them are red raspberries and one of them is yellow. I have never had a yellow raspberry- the tag says they have a slight banana taste. I hope they have fruit next year- I love raspberries! We also planted the 100 strawberry roots I had ordered last night. You can't see them in the picture because they were literally roots with a little crown at the top. I had to put rocks by the rows so we don't step on them until they get some leaves!! Hopefully today's rain will get them all off to a good start! Hope your day is great my friends!!


Dani said...

Your garden looks great !!...must be lots of work...hope you also give yourself some time to sit on a chair with a nice cup of tea and enjoying your view ;)xx dani

Doreen said...

I never get tired of garden pictures. Yours is doing great. One of my neighbours in the past had yellow rasberries and she let me try them. They were delicious. I don't remember a banana taste but I do remember they were good!!!!!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...


sunshine said...

I wish I had some tomato plants!!! I miss fresh off the vine so much!
The garden is looking great!
I hope that your friends daughters wedding went well.
I'm interested to hear what you think of the yellow raspberries. I've seen them in the store. I should buy some and give em a try. :)