Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bernard's Farmhouse

My hubby bought me the 1/2" scale Farmhouse by Real Good Toys awhile ago. It's the blue house in the pictures. Mine is not that far along yet!
I put it under my bed and said I was not going to work on it until I finished up some of my other projects. Well......that went out the window. I was kit-bashing a bed and chair for the house and realized that my furniture was not completely to scale. I was thinking that was ok, because Bernard is not completely to scale for 1/2" either, and I would rather have the furniture fit him. I went on my merry kit-bashing way and continued to work on his bedroom furniture when suddenly, I thought I better at least tape the house together and see if the furniture fit or if I was wasting my time. Sooooo, of course after I taped the house together I decided that I needed to see if his wallpaper choices would look ok. One thing led to another and pretty soon I had wallpapered the whole house. I am ashamed- I promised myself no work on this house until the other projects were done! I do like the way it looks so far though, and it is only taped together- I did not start actual construction! Now if I make something I can pop it in there and see if I am getting too out of scale for the house. Here is a picture of Bernard's taped together house. You can see the bathroom that I started to kit-bash too. Bernard is sitting in the open living room/kitchen and wishing he had a couch. Poor Bernard will have to wait because I must get back to the tea shoppe roombox, and I have about 5 or 6 little tutorials I have bookmarked for things to try out for my flower shop/bakery dollhouse. At least he doesn't have to sleep in the woods anymore:)


Ara said...

Very Cute! Or should I say 'Beary Cute!' I love the wall paper on the first floor and the bear paws on the tiny shutters! -ara

sunshine said...

I really like the wallpaper!
I would have a hard time not having more than one thing on the go as well.
It must be really tempting to have a hand in everything!
Bernard is going to love it!

Mary said...

The stripes in the attic is very clever--makes the room appear bigger. Two thumbs up from this wannabe interior designer ;-)

kibbygirl said...

Love the house! You will have fun with that. I always seem to have several projects on the go at once too. :)

Tallulah~Belle said...

It looks fab......I can't only do one thing at once either :-)

Patricia said...

Hi! it is good to see you have joined my mini world!
It is nice to visit yours too!
I absolutely adore your doll house!
It seems that you are going to have geat fun!
Take care!

Tiffany said...

Hey Kim, just give it up and go for it with the new house. Why fight it? Never feel shame in your hobby! This is what I live for- trying new things, building new houses, painting new paintings. I think you do too, so do what makes you happy and don't worry about it. Repeat after me, "I am very artistic and I love and accept that part of me and I won't feel bad for anything I create, no matter how many other things are sitting around waiting to be finished. . ." :) There, don't you feel better now? Now I'm off to say it to myself like a hundred times.

Kim said...

Ara- Thank you- I was hoping that you could tell they were bear paws!

Laura- Thanks girl! We gotta get you a dollhouse!

Thanks Mary- I am hoping to make that room Bernard's "workshop" where he paints, builds, etc. and I wanted it colorful. I am horrible at interior design so I am so pleased by your comment!

Kibbygirl and Jayne- glad to know I am not the only one that seems unable to do one thing at a time!

Patricia- thank you for visiting me here! I adore your dolls!!

Tiffany---!!!!This shall be my new mantra!!! Last night I made a card for my sister's new baby instead of the laundry and I felt so guilty- but I wanted her to have a handmade card from Aunt Kim, not just store bought. In the end I guess that is more important than laundry, and I did put a load in before I left for work, so it works out. "I am very artistic and I love and accept that part of me and I won't feel bad for anything I create, no matter how many other things are sitting around waiting to be finished." I am off to say it a hundred times too. You are awesome! I needed that :)

Tiffany said...

I'm glad I could help! I never want to be remembered for not going places or doing fun stuff because I had to do laundry or clean house or something. My mom often said she couldn't join us for a weekend lark because she had housework to do. She's gone now and who cares how her house looked? I'd rather do the fun stuff and get by on the drudgery as best I can.

Mellz (less apathy.more cake) said...

I love the colors...can't wait to see how it progresses!

MiniKat said...

So cute! I can't wait to see it when you get back to working on it.