Thursday, July 30, 2009


Just a few garden pictures today. I have been helping my friend with her daughter's wedding and trying to get my house really clean for a small get together, so I have not been doing mini's or crafts the last few days. It is raining and cold here in Minnesota today. I love the rain-but if we don't get some heat soon all the lovely tomatoes on my hubby's plants are never going to turn red. I have some pictures of what is blooming now in the garden...purple coneflower daisies, white queen anne's lace and lavander and pink phlox. The other picture is of my new "children". Four beautiful raspberry plants that are planted in the new section of my hubby's garden. Three of them are red raspberries and one of them is yellow. I have never had a yellow raspberry- the tag says they have a slight banana taste. I hope they have fruit next year- I love raspberries! We also planted the 100 strawberry roots I had ordered last night. You can't see them in the picture because they were literally roots with a little crown at the top. I had to put rocks by the rows so we don't step on them until they get some leaves!! Hopefully today's rain will get them all off to a good start! Hope your day is great my friends!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome......and I finished the pillows!

I have couple of followers to welcome this morning and pictures of some of the things I have been up to.

I would like to welcome

I have been following her blog for awhile. She is working on a dollhouse that she has lovingly cleaned up and rescued. The dollhouse was in pretty poor shape, but it is looking better and better by the day! The last few posts are actually great eye candy of trying some furniture out in the rooms and planning- the most fun part! Dale also makes wonderful miniatures that I have been drooling over- her etsy shop can be found here:

I would also like to welcome

I love, love, love this blog! Such beautiful pictures to look at! Ponder and Stitch (sorry- I could not find your first name!) also has an etsy store that can be found here:

She makes the most beautiful bags, fabric wrist cuffs, tops and headbands.
I have not read very far back in her posts yet, but I love her style and I have to say that her new pet rat is the cutest little thing ever! I don't think I would ever have said that about a rat before either!

Please pay these ladies a visit if you have time and say hello!

I also have some pretty lousy pictures to share of the bed in my dollhouse. I finally finished the pillows!! I think they turned out ok for my first attempt. The little "throw" on the end of the bed looks better in real life- I don't know why I can't manage to take a decent picture of my minis! I have been looking and watching for a crocheted mini blanket in orange to put on the end of the bed, and I finally just made the little throw that you see there out of 2 pieces of lace sewed together. It works for now, but if I find something better I will probably replace it. That is all I have to show for accomplishments for the last couple of weeks. I have been helping my friend with her daughter's wedding. The rest of the time I have left over goes to weeding the garden and trying to keep up with housework. Such is life! Soon enough it will be winter and I will have loads of free time :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome and Mail Arrival!!!

I have three new followers to welcome today- but first I must post about mail I received last weekend! I signed up for an artful penpals exchange. We were given a penpal to help revive the art of letter writing and using the good old postal system for correspondence. My penpal is Dani from The Netherlands and she is a sweetheart. On saturday I received the most wonderful letter and package of treats from her! In the picture you can see that not only did Dani send me a long letter, with beautiful art stickers and a hand drawn decorated envelope but she also sent me the sweetest fabric and a bag of charms. I need to think long and hard about what I would like to make with the fabric- it is so adorable that it needs a special project. Anyone have any cool ideas? I love it all sooo much- thank you so much Dani! I will write soon! I am glad you are my penpal partner!!

I need to welcome some new followers too. I will start with my penpal Dani. Her blog is
Dani is currently taking a class from Suzi Blu ( ) and is posting her progress as she goes along. Please visit my friend Dani and say hello! Thank you for following my blog Dani :)

Next I would like to welcome Tink-Sonia from
Tink is another very talented miniaturist- she makes a lot of her minis herself and recently has a lot of gorgeous pictures of her dollhouse. I have not finished going back in entries to look at all of her projects- but her blog is great and if you have not visited her I would take a look. I am going back to look more as soon as I catch up with everything! Thank you for visiting Tink- I am glad to meet you!

I would also like to welcome Claudia from
I adore Claudia's blog. I don't often comment on her blog- but I read all of her posts. Claudia has a wonderful sense of style- the sweetest dogs ever and a beautiful garden. I can never resist a blog that shares garden pictures. Claudia's blog is truly beautiful and if you are ever having a bad day you can visit her and feel picked right up just from the pictures. Thank you for visiting me Claudia!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


I have a new follower to welcome today. Please visit Ana from

Ana is from Portugal. I could not get her translate button to work, but I went to yahoo bablefish and was able to translate her web page there. Ana makes beautiful boxes and plates- among other things. I love the coffee box she has created. Thank you for visiting Ana! I am glad to have you following along!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One step forward.....

I'm still around :) This summer is flying past me in a blur! I imagine everyone probably feels that way. I have been working on minis- but I don't really have much worth showing so far. I have also been working on my garden- but right now it's just a constant maintenance thing. We have been having some very cool weather. Nice for me- since I don't like it when it gets really hot- but it would be nice if the weather would get warmer again so that I can have tomatoes and corn. There are lots of beautiful green tomatoes on my hubby's plants that need a bit more sun :) I am hoping to make some homemade spaghetti sauce this fall from the tomatoes to freeze for the winter months. If anyone has a great recipe for homemade tomatoe sauce I would love to have suggestions- this will be the first time I attempt making it completely from scratch! Anyhow....I have some pictures of my garden to post. Most are of what is blooming right now- the pink and white lillies are called "lollipop" and are some of my favorites. The picture of the "dirt" is what I have been working on most lately. This is beside my hubby's vegetable garden. It was/ kind of still is/ a patch of weeds. I have been pulling weeds and mixing compost and black dirt into the sandy soil. This will become a new garden with strawberries, raspberries and asparagras for perennials and then we will also be growing cucumbers and probably more corn in this space also. I want to get it all ready this year because we have strawberry plants ordered to plant yet this fall. It is crazy time consuming, but hopefully worth it next year when I am eating fresh strawberries and making strawberry jelly. I am also including an incredibly blurry picture of my 1/2 scale house. I cut notches in the floor so that it would look more like planks and then stained it a dark brown. I really like it. In the picture are 2 adorable little pots of flowers. My hubby was out on a delivery for work the other day and happened to find a small dollhouse shop. He brought me home flowers for the 1/2 scale house front porch. I think that is about the sweetest thing ever. Now I am trying to figure out how I can get him to take me to this little dollhouse shop! I didn't even know I had one near me! Hope everyone has a great week. A special thank you to my friend Laura that is always checking up on me- I'm still around girl- just busy, busy, busy. Another special thank you to Katie because I have been drinking carnation instant breakfast all week and it not only keeps me full till lunch but I don't feel nauseated after I drink it. I'm hugely thankful for that tip Katie!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Suprise Mail and Angels!

I wanted to say a big huge thank you to Doreen at

Doreen sent me the sweetest set of books and a snack for the dollhouse. I wish I could have managed a better picture- we have been gloomy and dark here and my camera is not the best on minis. There is a book on the birds of Ontario that has actual pages from the book. If you get a magnifying glass you can actually read about a canadian goose! My hubby wanted to see and I only let him hold it for a second before I snatched it back! There is also a Rip Van Winkle book and a bag of chips for Hans to snack on in his library. My hubby really wanted the bag of chips since chili cheese fritos are his fave- had to snatch that back too! Doreen also included the sweetest note of friendship and I feel the same way. Blogging has introduced me to some of the most wonderful people and allowed me to become so excited about dollhouses and other crafts because I now have people to share them with. It is always fun to share the things that make you smile.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie on Wednesday night and it was wonderful. That is all I will say so I do not spoil anyone's movie :)

I have not been feeling well. The doctor told me I am now at the age where I need to take vitamins. Vitamins make me throw up- so I am now trying to remember to take 2 Flintstone childrens vitamins after I eat breakfast each day. They seem to stay in my stomach. I think my energy is starting to get better, but I still feel tired. Last night I decided to work on one of my unfinished projects. It is still unfinished- this is how most of my projects go. Eventually they get finished :) Anyhow, this is a sculpture I have been working on here and there. I was married in the fall and her skirt has a lot of little things that were in my bridal bouquet. I worked for a florist, so my bridal bouquet was unusual. It had jewels tucked in, small bugs, little discs covered with leaves and acorns, acorns on wires draping. It was a beautiful piece of art. Last night I re-attatched her wings and added some beads to them. She's not finished, but one step closer. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am hoping I have some time to myself as I have 3 unfinished projects that are for events that need to get done! No more procrastinating on those!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter!!!

I am so excited because somehow I have talked my hubby into going to see Harry Potter tonight! My husband does not like to go to the movies. He was in a car accident quite awhile ago and sitting that long in those theater chairs makes him ache. He knows how disappointed I was last year when they postponed the date so he agreed to go with me tonight! I don't think I could bear to wait for it to come out on dvd! Not only that, but we are going to dinner first! Like a date! We don't get out too much so this is a big deal to me :) I also made my first payment on my class for fall semester and I am sooo excited about that. They finally posted how much I owe and I am confident I will have it paid off before the due date. Whew! I need to find out about any aid or loans I am eligible for next semester. I was too late this semester- but I can see that if I take more than one class I am going to need some extra time to pay that off. Anyhow- had to share my good news today here!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Light Award

I received this award from Doreen at

Thank you Doreen!!!

I have received this award before, but I don't mind answering and accepting it again because I think it is a great award. I am supposed to complete the sentence "I am light and I want to illuminate..." and then choose other blogs to give this to.

I am light and I want to illuminate everyone that works so hard and selflessly to combat cancer. This is to include the nurses ,doctors and caregivers. The people that do fundraisers or the neighbor that takes a home cooked meal to a family struggling with this disease. A friend that laughs and cries with you if you have cancer. The scientists looking for a cure. I know lots of people will be touched at some point in their life by cancer- either themselves or someone they know and love. I would like to illuminate the strength and love it takes to battle this disease. I hope that someday there will be a cure for all forms of cancer.

I have already given this award out to several blogs so I will pass this along to anyone that likes this question as much as I do. If you feel like answering this question on your blog then I pass this award on to you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome and....strawberry pie :)

I have a new follower to welcome today. I know lots of people are already familiar with Tara from but if you are not you have to pay her a visit. Tara is building a dollhouse based on Winnie the Pooh and it is based on illustrations she has collected. It is so amazing to see Pooh's world come to life on Tara's blog and I look forward to each addition she makes. She is an excellent miniature printie artist. Tara also had the most amazing felted pooh doll made for her dollhouse from Jennifer from He is too cute! I love Tara's blog!

This weekend I made a chocolate lined strawberry pie. I did not get to the store until late sunday, so I made the pie after dinner sunday night and it needed to chill. We have not even tasted it yet! I hope that it tastes as good as it smelled, because it smelled divine. I am enjoying learning how to cook so much. I cheated and used a premade pie crust- but learning to make pie crust is on my list of things to accomplish this winter when I am snowed in and have more time. If only I could pass a piece out to all my blogging friends and see what you guys think!


I had lots to do this weekend at home and upon arriving to my blog this morning I see that I have been given a couple of awards! First, I have the Bella Sinclair Award.

I was gifted this award by three wonderful people:

Thank you so much to all three of you! Here is the info about this award:

"This award was designed by Ces for her friend Bella. Ces wrote:- I designed this award to celebrate art in the blogs and to honour the value of friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring. It is to be awarded to the gifted, accomplished, eloquent and talented blogger, whose friendship and influence inspire us to do our best. That I named it after Bella Sinclair is because she epitomises all of these things. "

"I have chosen to symbolize this award with the Quercus lobata or Valley Oak. It is a simple and unadorned award but heavy on meaning. The Valley Oak is a large handsome tree with a stout and sturdy trunk and widely spreading branches that form a broad open crown. It can reach up to a height of 100 feet and a diameter of 4 feet, sometimes much greater. It is the largest of the western deciduous oaks and is a handsome and graceful shade tree..."

I am very honored to receive this award. I have met some incredible, kind, sharing and truly gifted people since I started this blog. I really think that this award belongs to too many people to list. I choose to send this award on to :

Tiffany at

Tiffany has been so helpful to me as I started blogging and she is constantly working on improving, learning and growing in all the art forms she does- from mini making to painting to drawing. I find lots of inspiration from Tiffany and I love her sense of humor- she often puts a smile on my face.

Laura at

Laura reached out to me with kindness when I was just starting my blogging journey just because she thought we would get along. Turns out she was right and I can't imagine not knowing her. Laura works hard and excels on the art of family and a happy home-a skill I deeply admire. I can't look at the pictures of her kids or her hubby without feeling the love that family shares. Laura is also an excellent friend that always reaches out to me when she senses something is bugging me and she can always make me laugh out loud. I am glad that I have met you Laura!!

Doreen at

Doreen seems to have the same interests and love of nature as I do. I am always happy when she posts about what the wildlife are doing around her and I absolutely love that we can share garden pictures. I can never get enough of flowers and gardens. Doreen has also showed me so much kindness since I started blogging and I have learned so much from her willingness to share how she has made things.

Eva at

Eva is a special treasure. I can be having the worst day ever and if Eva posts a story and artwork the day is instantly better. I love that Eva is so gifted with her magical words and that she shares them with the world. I feel transported to her worlds when I read her blog.

I could pass this award on to so many others- there are so many people that I read that I think show kindness, excellence in their art and know the value of friendship. I could write for an hour I think. Mary and Casey- that have kindly given this award to me- show these traits for sure. I have learned so much from them and everyone else that is more skilled in dollhouse miniatures than I am, but kindly passes along tips and hints and tutorials. This is why I dislike awards- so hard to choose who to pass them to when really everyone should have one.

Thank you ladies!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tea shop canisters and hay bales :)

I have been working on some canisters from Casey's tutorial she posted on June 6th:

After working off and on in small little pockets of time I finally have 6 finished. I see now that I didn't do part of them right- and some of them mysteriously became taller than others. I chalk this up to part of learning and improving :) I made mine into tea canisters that are for sale in the tea shoppe roombox. I'm not totally happy with them- but they were really fun to make. I might someday decide to re-do them but they look ok to me for now. I'm getting very close to finishing my chairs for the tea room and then I get to try my hand at making some desserts for sale in the roombox!

The hay bales are the view out past my kitchen window. I love when the farmer that owns that land cuts and rolls the hay. It is one of my favorite sights in the world. I am always a little sad to see them get put away in the barn.

I also included just one picture of my garden because I just could not resist. I love this lily- it is yellow in the center with orange edges and it is so striking in person. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend. I am going to try to make a real life chocolate lined strawberry pie if I can manage to get to the grocery store. I got the recipe off the internet and it looks pretty yummy :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I need to welcome my new follower Patricia from

I found Patricia from jumping around to different blogs and I immediately fell in love with her handmade dolls. She has a Marie Antoinette doll that she has just posted with some of her handmade cakes and pastries that is soooo adorable. I am going to be keeping an eye on what she is making for sure-I just had to follow her! Thank you for visiting me too Patricia! I look forward to seeing your next doll:)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bernard's Farmhouse

My hubby bought me the 1/2" scale Farmhouse by Real Good Toys awhile ago. It's the blue house in the pictures. Mine is not that far along yet!
I put it under my bed and said I was not going to work on it until I finished up some of my other projects. Well......that went out the window. I was kit-bashing a bed and chair for the house and realized that my furniture was not completely to scale. I was thinking that was ok, because Bernard is not completely to scale for 1/2" either, and I would rather have the furniture fit him. I went on my merry kit-bashing way and continued to work on his bedroom furniture when suddenly, I thought I better at least tape the house together and see if the furniture fit or if I was wasting my time. Sooooo, of course after I taped the house together I decided that I needed to see if his wallpaper choices would look ok. One thing led to another and pretty soon I had wallpapered the whole house. I am ashamed- I promised myself no work on this house until the other projects were done! I do like the way it looks so far though, and it is only taped together- I did not start actual construction! Now if I make something I can pop it in there and see if I am getting too out of scale for the house. Here is a picture of Bernard's taped together house. You can see the bathroom that I started to kit-bash too. Bernard is sitting in the open living room/kitchen and wishing he had a couch. Poor Bernard will have to wait because I must get back to the tea shoppe roombox, and I have about 5 or 6 little tutorials I have bookmarked for things to try out for my flower shop/bakery dollhouse. At least he doesn't have to sleep in the woods anymore:)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome and an Award!!

I have a new follower to welcome today. Mellz is from

I found her blog from hopping around from blog to blog. I added myself as a follower right away- I love the cute digital art she creates and she has the cutest little pug helping her blog. Looks like she is creating miniature food and she has an etsy shop where she sells handmade cards of her artwork.
Thank you for following me also Mellz! I adore your blog!

Next, I have an award from Casey at and Doreen at

For the Love of Reading

The rules are, I have to pick up a book that I have at hand, turn to page 161 and write the fifth sentence on that page here. Then I have to pass it on to five other blogs.

I love to read, but I don't read often in the summer because when I start a book I often cannot put it down until it is finished. I avoid all housework, garden work, going to bed, etc. I become obsessed with the story and NEED to finish it. I have always been this way. In the winter I have more time for silliness like this, but in the summer time is too precious. Therefore, my book is going to seem strange. The book I am "reading" right now is an old mathematics book my Mom gave to me to try to brush up on some of my math skills because this is the one area that I am very scared about when it comes to going back to school. I did very poorly on the math portion of the college assesment test. So, my page 161 fifth sentance reads:

"A graph like the one in this example shows the altitude of the sun at each of certain hours of the day, on a certain date, for the use of a pilot."

It then goes on to ask questions about the graph and what the altitude of the sun is at certain hours of the day. Math sometimes confuses me. I will conquer math.

Maybe I should re-do this award in the winter when it would be more interesting :)

I have seen a lot of people have already recieved this award, so I pass it on to whomever would like to play- especially because I am VERY behind on catching up with blogs.

Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am very behind!

I am behind on everything! Real life really kicked me in the butt last week and i feel like I am never going to catch up! Luckily we had an extra day off for the fourth of july weekend so I am now caught up on laundry. My hubby and I will have clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow :) I spent all of last week trying to make up for all that I did not do the week before. Hopefully I am just about caught up and my normal schedule can return. Summers are way too busy! I think Minnesotans make it worse because we try to cram so much into them before it turns cold again. I have a new follower to welcome and an award to pass on- but I am going to do that entry tomorrow. For now, since I have not done anything but clean my house and weed my garden to try to catch up, I am going to just post pictures of my garden. It is really blooming now. Hopefully I will have some mini pictures to post this week too- I've been working on some a little bit each night before bed and I am almost finished with a couple of projects. Does anyone else have a hubby that is all proud that he helped clean up and by that he means he put his own clothes in the hamper? Good thing I am spoiled rotten or I might revolt. Hope everyone had a great weekend!