Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I need to extend a big welcome to a new follower today. Please visit Kathi at http://beautifulminiblessings.blogspot.com/

I found Kathi's blog while I was reading someone else's blog and I read that she is starting a beach theme dollhouse and decided I just had to follow along on her journey! Of course, I just know I will get along with anyone that describes themselves as "a creative and crafty thrift store shopper" too! I am glad that you visited me here Kathi and look forward to seeing your dollhouse progress.

I have been busy this week! I have my monthly "craft night" to go to this week (I meet with a small bunch of ladies once a month to do a craft-which is really just an excuse to talk and eat a dessert, but since I don't get out much I really look forward to this). I also have a penpal package to get mailed before the end of the week, a wedding to go to on saturday and a wedding shower on sunday. I feel like I need some more hours in my days! I have been working on a little pair of paper clay ants dressed as a bride and groom for the top of my package for the wedding shower. The bride is having a very casual wedding with a picnic theme. The invitations have ants all over them so I thought a bride and groom ant package topper would be cute. Hopefully I will be posting pictures of them at the end of the week. I also ordered a book from amazon.com on how to make 1/12 dollhouse dolls. I had a gift certificate and the first time I tried to make a doll it did not go well at all. I am hoping that maybe I will do better with the book. I wish it would hurry and get here- I would love to take it with me to the hotel so I could read it after the wedding on saturday night! Hope you all are having a good week too!

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Kathi said...

Thanks for the nice welcome and for your sweet comment on my blog!
I am completely addicted to miniatures already! Can't wait to doe more work on my dollhouse and make some little things to go inside!
:) Kathi