Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I would like to welcome new follower Mercedes from

I know a lot of people that read my blog already know Mercedes but if you don't please stop by and visit her. She is a busy Mom, scrapbooker, crafter and excellent miniaturist! I admire her sense of style- her dollhouse has such a classy look to it- it flows so wonderfully you just want to move right in! She has recently been posting pictures of her dollhouse that she just had in a show so now is the best time to visit her blog- it is amazing! Thank you for reading Mercedes! I have been getting so much inspiration and tips from your blog!


sunshine said...

I was down in the "big smoke" this morning and saw a store specializing in Doll House stuff. I went in and looked around but I didn't see anything suitable for the tea shop. (I wasn't sure of your sizing anyways). I did see a cute little teeny tiny picture frame that I though about buying and putting a mini pic of me into. It could have hung on the wall of the shop! Haha...

Kim said...

What is the "big smoke"? I would have loved a dollhouse sized Laura picture- I think I would have put it in the apartment above the flower shop and bakery though :) Right in the living room! My tea room and dollhouse are in 1/12 scale- which means that 1 inch equals 12 inches. I tried making a head for a Kim doll the other day- but I squished it down because it was sooo not looking anything like a person! I should have taken a pic so you could laugh at me! It might be awhile before I get those Kim and Laura dolls done! Hope your week is going good!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Kim!
Thank you for the lovely welcome! I am getting a lot of inspiration from your garden, mine is a blank canvas!

MiniKat said...

Mercedes is awesome! :-)

Kim said...

I am glad that I can inspire you! I am definetly not a master gardener- I tend to more go with the flow. I enjoy your blog so much- I am so glad you decided to come visit me too!