Friday, June 5, 2009


I have a couple new followers today that I would like to welcome.

First, please welcome Casey from

Casey has an amazing blog! If you have never visited her blog you must go over there and visit her. The best part about Casey's blog is Tessie- a doll that Casey has created that often takes over Casey's blog and her life too! Tessie brings a smile to my face most days with her antics. Casey is also a very experienced and sharing miniature artist and I have learned a lot from her- she is always sharing tutorials on the things she creates. Thanks for reading Casey and thanks for all the tips!

I would also like to welcome Jen from

Jen is a busy mom and talented artist. Jen has an etsy shop where she sells minis that she has made as well as other artwork like artist trading cards and cards. They are too cute! Jen also likes gardening and has posted some fab pictures of how her garden is doing so far this year. I have to love any blog that has garden pictures!

Thank you for reading ladies, I am so happy you stopped by!!

I have a couple new garden pictures I hope to post tomorrow. I forgot where I put my camera and finally found it this morning, so tonight after work I will be snapping some pictures to share. My hubby has a bachelor's party to go to saturday night too, which makes me very excited. I am going to hurry and clean the house saturday morning so that I can play in my art room all saturday night with no interruptions! Hoo-ray- hopefully I'll be sharing what I make on monday!


sunshine said...

What the hell?? 45 followers! Sheesh... I need to get a hobby or something interesting to write about. LOL I think I only have 15 or something like that.
I didn't get out to walk last night (see my blog for my excuse) but I did do my Denise Austin Walking workout dvd.
I'm off to Walmart today to buy some walking shoes....
Did you get out at all?

Kim said...

Ah Laura- you show me up right away! I didn't do my walk last night. I am a week behind on laundry so I spent my hour outside in the garden and then I spent the rest of the night washing clothes and trying to find my kitchen counters after 2 days of hubby cooking. He cooks better than I do, but he doesn't pick up after himself well! I'll still keep him :)
I think your blog is interesting! You make me laugh and smile all the time. People just don't know what they are missing :)

Big hugs girl- I'll try to get my internet at home to work tomorrow and report in on tomorrow's walk!

Caseymini said...

Thank you for the kind words Kim. Now that I know where it is, I will be coming by your blog often.

sunshine said...

Okay, I had a little snooze while I was reading your excuse. LOL ;)
I still haven't gotten out to Walmart yet (went to look at my nieces new house).. but I'll get a picture of them as soon as I do!
Thanks for your kind words about my blog.. teehee..
Anyhow.. Massimo is driving me nuts here so I've gotta gooooo........

Jemjoop said...

Hello! Oh can't wait to see your garden, I'll be back for those pictures :O)

Agnes the Red said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog and websites - glad you find them useful!
Will pop by your blog often....looking forward to seeing the garden photos.

sunshine said...

I went to Walmart yesterday and believe it or not.. all the shoes were too small for me (with the exception of some uglies).
So, I had to do the dvd again this morning.
Hopefully my size 9's will find a home soon... :(
The only problem with the dvd is that the kids want to do it along with me.... asking me questions as I huff and puff ... not good. I really need to get out!!
Hope that you are able to get some walking in this weekend!