Thursday, June 4, 2009


I would like to welcome a couple of new followers again today. I never imagined when I started using this blog that I would find so many generous, kind-hearted people in the blogging world interested in dollhouses. I have learned so much already from all of you and I am having so much more fun actually creating things for my dollhouse and roombox rather than only purchasing items. Not that buying the occasional treasure isn't fun too!! Now I get to save more money for the special items!

Please welcome a couple of ladies I am sure a lot of you are familiar with.

First, visit Kat at
Kat makes the most amazing miniature witches hat's and is working on a witches house. Kat worked as a milliner in "normal" size and is now transfering those skills to her small hats. Her work is amazing- if you have not seen it please pay her a visit.

Next we have Mags from
Mags makes incredible miniature food- and it looks like she is a specialist in period food settings as well if your dollhouse is set in a specific time period. Her work is incredibly detailed and makes me very hungry!

Thank you for reading ladies! Hope your day is as sunny as mine is here in Minnesota, USA!


sunshine said...

How was your date/birthday night???
Details, details....
Welcome new readers!!

Kim said...

It was good- the food was really yummy but I had a really bad headache most of the day and the drive to the resturaunt was an hour so I kind of dozed on the way back and then I fell into bed at home- pretty romantic huh? I had a wonderful day though- headache and all and I am really glad to be 40! Who knows what kind of trouble I will get into in the next 40!!! I got to go to the "big" craft store and bought a few goodies- and that always makes a day awesome! What you been up to girl? Are your kids telling you they are bored yet?

Big huge hug to you!!!!!

sunshine said...

Oh No! A headache?? That kind of crap happens to me all the time. I look forward to something and then I'm not feeling up to par when it comes about. :(
I'm happy that you had such a lovely day though. The big craft store sounds like fun! I haven't been to a craft store in years. Once Mass starts school in the fall I'm planning on getting back into crocheting.
I haven't been up to much. Just crying in my beer about feeling like crap. LOL (as you read earlier). Thanks so much for your sweet comments! You know I appreciate all the love .. so much!
My kids still have a few weeks of school left. They get out on the 25th I believe.
Muah! Muah!
I'll talk to you later babe.