Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Please help me welcome a couple of new followers today!

First, please visit Susan at

Susan has just posted some pictures of miniaturist Larry Sutton's collection and they are amazing to look at. I also love to read Susan's blog because she has lots of pictures and tips on minis she has made and found.

I would also like to welcome Sabiha at

I did not recognize her at first, but Kat helped me out :) I love, love, love the flowers that Sabiha has made- her peonies are delicous! She also has the cutest treehouse on her site today- it is so cute- you have to go over and see :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!! I get to go out to dinner tonight with my hubby for a date and I am very excited!


MiniKat said...

Sabiha's blog:

Gorgeous things over there. :-)

Kim said...

Thank you Kat!! I wonder why I couldn't get that to come up?! I'm editing and going to visit right now :)

houseofduck said...

You forgot to mention that he is taking you out for a birthday dinner!

Happy Birthday Big Sister!

Kim said...

Thank you little bro. I love you very much.