Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome New Followers and I have been tagged

A sunny Monday hello from Minnesota!!

I have some new followers I would like to welcome today.

First, please visit Jessie at

Jessie is working on a dollhouse saloon. I have really loved reading about her progress so far. Jessie's saloon has a couple of residents so far that are helping her out- Kitty and 2 little girls Sophia and Olive. The little girls have already been getting into trouble! Jessie's blog is one of my favorites :)

Next, please visit Melanie. Melanie has 2 blogs:

Melanie is a busy Mom and scrapbooker. She has some wonderful scrapbook layouts on her blogs and a beautiful family. I admit I do not scrapbook much- I don't have any children- but I do love paper arts and I do keep an art journal,which is very similar in a way to scrapbooking. She also sells her scrapbooking papers:)

Next, I have been tagged by Jessie from and Mary from

I am to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy and tag 6 others to do the same. I have already done this one once, so I will list 6 things that make me happy and allow whomever wants to play in their blog to go ahead and consider yourself tagged. I am always up for listing things that make me happy- what could make a day better than starting out listing off positive things?

1. My garden (of course)

2. Dollhouses and learning more about dollhouses and looking at other's dollhouses

3. Sugar- in whatever form it takes....candy, cake, doughnuts, I could make a pretty long list here

4. All 3 of my cats purring on my lap in a big pile in the winter

5. My hubby and the fact that he always humors my crazy ideas

6. Sitting by the fire pit with good friends in the summer

If you feel like doing this one please consider yourself tagged :)

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Mary said...

I love your list of happies!