Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome and 101st post!!!

I would like to welcome some new followers today!!

First, I would like to welcome Xuxana. Xuxana has 2 blogs

Xuxana is a busy Mom and I'm thinking- from reading her blog- that she is a seamstress too! She is originally from the US but now living in the United Kingdom. It looks like she is also on a mission to become healthier! Welcome Xuxana- I'm glad you stopped by and I look forward to following your blog also!

Next is Ara from

Ara is working on a dollhouse with an Adams Family Theme and a new dollhouse that she just obtained and is renovating with a theme that sort of follows the Clue boardgame. Ara is also an archetictual draftsperson- and you sure can tell in her minis! If you have not seen it yet, go back in her afminimansion blog and take a look at Lurch's organ. Amazing- and the keys work! Thank you for following Ara! I am glad you visited!!!

I also noticed today that I am on my 101st post and have 51 followers! I did not think I had this much to say or would find this many friends through this blog!! I have decided that I need to have a give-away to celebrate- so this weekend I am going to be making a little prize. Stay tuned to monday where I will officially announce my give-away and post pictures of what I make to give! Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read my blog- you are all fantastic!!!


sunshine said...

You deserve every one of your 51 Followers.
I'd like to think I'm the "most special" though. Tee Hee... just kidding.
Congratulations on your 101 Posts! I'm so glad that I found you. :)

Ara said...

I'm glad to be here and so sorry it took me so long - haha! Congrats on #101!!! -ara

kibbygirl said...

Congrats Kim, thats awsome.. keep it up!

Hel said...

101 posts! Are they all from this year? That's really good!

Thanks for starting to follow my shedoesotherstuff2 blog as well as the dollshouse one, was it the gardening I did recently that caught your eye? You are definately a more consistent gardener than me! I love your garden. ;0)

x hel x

Kim said...

Of course you hold a special place in my heart! You are awesome girl! I'm glad you found me too- what a great friend I have been gifted with!

Thank you to Ara, Kibbygirl and Hel! I am suprised to find how much I love blogging and following along on the projects of everyone else! You are all a part of what makes blogging so fun!