Monday, June 1, 2009

Tea Room Progress

I spent my time this past weekend working on my garden and the Tea Shoppe roombox. I did manage to fit a little bit of housecleaning in there- had to- we didn't have any clean clothes left! Nothing like no clean undies to make you get your behind in gear! Anyhow- I am sure that is more than you needed to know- on to the tea room.

I finished my first wicker chair- I wish the picture was better. I am going to try to get some better pictures of it tomorrow morning with better lighting. I took this picture last night and it really sucks. I am going to make 3 more now- it wasn't too hard. I made 2 tables following a tutorial I found on Casey's blog at . I like how they turned out. Funny how just a couple of small things can take me so long! I also added a picture of my 1/24 size bear named Bernard sitting in the wicker chair. I am eventually going to do the real good toys 1/24th scale farmhouse dollhouse for Bernard to live in. I made Bernard a tie this weekend. He is modeling it in the picture. He thinks he is quite dapper now:)


MiniKat said...

You did a fantastic job on the tables! I love the tea sets you've got on them too. :-)

Bernard does look quite dapper. He's a cutie!

The room is really starting to come together.

sunshine said...

I love Bernard!! His tie is awesome.
Everything is coming along so well. What a great tea room! So pretty. :)
P.S. I'm glad that you told me about your laundry delima. I did need to know that you were out of undies. Thanks! :D

Kim said...

Thank you!!! The tables took me awhile, but I really like them. I am so grateful to everyone being so helping and friendly with info on how to make things like this! I thought Bernard just had to have a tie!


Thank ya girl!!! Still don't have those dolls started, but they are on my list, just wait. I just can't seem to do the turn the undies inside out thing- bet you wanted to know that too :) What a lot of info I'm giving you today!!!

Caseymini said...

Hey Kim! The tables look great! Good job. I somehow missed putting myself on your blog as a follower. I am off to do that right now! Keep up the good work! Love your real garden!

Kim said...

Thank you Casey! I have to tell you that I have learned a lot from reading your blog and also say a big thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge. Your tutorial on the tables was very good and easy to follow- I made some mistakes but I think I was able to hide them and I always say mistakes make the next one better :) Thank you for commenting and following!