Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I thought you might like to see some pictures of my "art" journal. I think art journal means different things to different people. To me, it is my journal that I often add my art into. I have had a journal for quite a few years now. I don't always write or draw every day. Sometimes weeks or months can go past without working in my journal at all. I used to just write in my journal. Then it progressed to writing and pictures cut out of magazines and small doodles. Now- pretty much anything goes in my journal. I write there, I add lists of things to do, cards or letters people have sent to me that hold a special place in my heart-drawings that have meaning and silly drawings that mean nothing at all. An art journal can also be a journal just filled only with artwork- techniques to try, notes about different art supplies or art techniques, sketches for projects, experiments with different art mediums. I mentioned my journal once to Tiffany from Mini Mischief and I thought I would show her what I was talking about :) The blurry lines are the places where I talked about work or family- no one needs to read that stuff! I am also including a picture of the ravioli I made last night. I just started learning how to cook in my late 30's. I have been lucky enough to marry a man that likes to cook and I never have really had to cook or learn how to. When I quit my job as a floral designer and started working less hours with less stress I decided I would start to learn how to cook. This is the first time I have made ravioli from scratch. I learned that I should roll the dough out a bit thinner, and that I need to work on my technique- they are not the prettiest! But, overall I am very proud of them. They were edible and the only way you learn is by doing and noting your mistakes :) If you are italian and know how to cook real, pretty, delicious ravioli please avert your eyes :)


rosanna said...

I'am Italian, better from Genoa where avioli have been invented, and to say the plain truth yours ravoli are much nicer than mine. Did you use meat or veggie filling? Have a nice meal. Rosanna

Kim said...

Ohhhh Rosanna, such a lovely compliment coming from you! It was so much fun to make this- I think I am going to make noodles with fresh parsley and oregeno chopped up in them next! I used a meat filling that I sort of made up...beef and italian sausage, carrots, onions and celery chopped fine, garlic, basil, oregeno, black pepper,spinach chopped fine and cheese. It was very good, but the pasta was a little thick so just a touch chewy. I have to admit I was nervous to put a picture on my blog knowing some readers were actually italian :) We ate some last night- yummy. :)

sunshine said...

The ravioli look great! I'm impressed. Good for you for trying something new. It's not easy to step out of our comfort zone and I find it very hard to do so with food.
I find myself making the same crap all the time. :)

I love your art journal!!! Gabby was walking by as I was looking at it and she was so excited about the frog and the Princess! (me too!!!)

Mary said...

Kim, thank you for sharing your journal with the gang! It's a great idea for anyone. I've thought about starting with keeping a pad of paper next to the bed so I can jot down ideas as they pop into my head. Anyhow, I love the bright colors you've used, especially the first one with the shooting stars. And your ravioli look fabulous. The fanciest ravioli I've ever eaten comes from a can courtesy of a certain Chef Boyardee ;-)

Kim said...


I just added myself to follow your tutorial blog- what a fab idea!!! I am grateful, because I love trying out all these new tutorials I keep seeing and now I have quite the list to refer to-in one place!! I think keeping paper and pen by the bed is a good idea- I get some great ideas when I am settling down for the day and letting myself relax- and the dreams too! My raviolis were sooo good- I guess cooking is always a success if you can still eat it :) Thank you for the compliments!


Hello girl!!! Tell Gabby thank you and I am sure she is a princess too. Perhaps she needs me to make her a pretty crown :) I make the same stuff a lot too, but I am trying to be better about us eating more homemade and less boxed meals. They were actually pretty easy, just took a little time. Hugs to you and Gabby both!!

Jemjoop said...

These are so cool! Wow ravioli from scratch, you are brave. And they look really delicious too.

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Kim, The other night Liberty kept asking for 'those little parcels' for dinner. I made the wrong thing, it turns out she wanted ravioli - yours look fabulous, I don't think I would ever attempt to make them!
Love your art journal, very inspiring, I've meaning to make another one for years (still look at the one I made in the '80's!)

Kim said...

Jen- Thank you!!!!

Mercedes- little parcels is an adorable name for ravioli- tell Liberty I will always think of them that way from now on :)
I love my journal- perfect for when I want to do something- but not anything that makes a big mess! Thank you for the compliments- the ravioli were a lot easier than I thought they would be- and really actually fun to make too!

Tiffany said...

Ooooooh, Kim, I LOVE you art journal! That is so fabulous! Now you are making me want to start one of my own. I'd never thought of such a thing until you mentioned it before. I'm really very impressed! I must get some of my unfinished objects done around here before I start something new. . . But you know that won't stop me when I really want to do something else. :)