Thursday, June 18, 2009

Garden pics :)

Here are some pictures from the garden. I decided that our homemade fountain needed some more bling so I started gluing some flat marbles around the outer edge, but then it got real dark and cloudy so I stopped and prayed the glue would dry before the rain. (that's why the fountain is not working in the pic- it's a solar fountain) I also had another bearded iris open- it's so pretty in person. It is a mauve pink color with a creamy yellow center.More pictures of the painted daisies, which are going crazy this year. My path is getting close to being completely concrete- there's a progress picture of that, and last....there are at least 3 baby birds in that birdhouse! The momma bird has been kept quite busy feeding them and I have counted 3 little open beaks at one time in that hole opening. If I make noise near the house when Momma bird is not around they will often come up to the hole with their beaks open looking for food thinking their Momma has come back! Gotta love nature!!!


Mary said...

Such swanky bling bling! I like!

And Kim, I've honored this blog with the "Light Award." Please come to my blog to receive it anytime!

sunshine said...

Love the Bling! Such a pretty colour too.
All the flowers look beautiful and the pathway looks tres fab!
I'll have to take some pic's of my garden too soon. Although mine is nowhere close to being as wonderful as yours!

Jean Day said...

So lovely!! What a great idea for your fountain, must have been fun to do too. I didn't realize there are solar fountain's, sounds like an excellent idea. We bought a few solar lights for our garden and they are fun. Your bearded iris's are so beautiful.

Mini Hugs, Jean

Doreen said...

Your garden is coming along so well. I love those painted daisies!!!! Are they perennial? I would love some of theose in my garden. My painted daisies are a small annual plant I bought from the greenhouse.

Melanie Farrell said...

Your garden is just beautiful! I love the fountain.

Kim said...

Thank you everyone!! Doreen- they are perennial daisies- I can save some seeds for you if you would like and see if they will grow for you next year. I am zone 3- which can be pretty cold- and they come up faithfully each year. I am thinking your zone must be similar.