Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden pics and a sigh of relief

Well, I took my first plunge and went to my assesment test. I have learned that I am really good with reading and English, but have not retained very much of my arithmetic and algebra skills. In fact, when it comes to algebra, I may have only scored what I did by pure chance of guessing correctly. Now it is done and I can go back next week and discuss with a counselor where I should start. I felt sick this morning- now I feel excited again! Woo-hoo----I am going to go learn!

Enough of that nonsense- I have just a couple of garden pics to show today. I have a couple of pictures from the garden between the trees in my backyard. The bleeding heart is blooming right now and it is so pretty. I also have pics of the chives blooming, my little weeping tree is blooming (sorry, I don't know it's name), the lily of the valley and some annuals I planted in the tree stump in front of my pots of herbs. My favorite is the picture of the little secret room that is inside the lilac bushes. I put a couple of chairs in there and a little table on a milk can. June is when things start to get going in my garden so hopefully my pictures will be more colorful soon :)


Mary said...

The barrel of chive blossoms is so pretty! Herbs can compete with regular ol' flowers anyday.

Whoo-hoo on the assessment...keep us posted!

Doreen said...

What a lovely spot your garden swing is in. I can imagine swinging with my eyes closed and listening to the birds. Wonderful. And I also love your secret garden.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Your pictures are lovely and I am supporting you with my thoughts for your assessment! It's always a very good choice to keep on studying that keeps our mind moving and eventually helps our creativity!
Take Care

sunshine said...

I love your secret garden! How cool is that? Everything looks great. :)
So glad that your assessment went well.
Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope that you have a lovely day. :)

Kim said...

Chives are one of my favorites- and they are so easy to grow! Yummy too :)

Thank you for the compliments on my garden. I am truly blessed to live on such a beautiful piece of land- I am thankful to God every day for what I have.


Thank you! I think it is always good to keep learning and exploring too- keeps us young!


Thank you for the birthday wishes- you are a wonderful friend :) I get dinner out tonight with the hubby and am terribly excited! Funny how important date night gets after so many years of marriage :)

Jemjoop said...

Love the barrel of chives!

Kim said...

Jen- Chives are the best! I had a look at your blog and your flowers look fab too! How awesome to get a house that has some plants already established! Keep posting garden pics- I love them!