Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garden pics and aching heads

Nothing this weekend went as I planned. I was stuck at a graduation party longer than I planned on Saturday. On the way home from the graduation party the rain started. It's been wet and gloomy and the water seems thick in the air- which is playing some great tricks with my head. I'm so glad to see the rain- we have been really, really dry here in Minnesota. I think I heard on the news that it was the third dryest may in history. I don't like how it makes my head hurt though. I started to make some cupcakes for my dollhouse bakery on saturday night, but my head hurt so bad I just quit. Then I thought maybe I would just work on another one of my wicker chairs for the tea shop roombox, but that hurt too bad too. Finally I just gave up and went to lay down. Unfortunately, I still have the headache yet today- although not quite as bad since I took some sudafed. I just hate when I feel like I have wasted 2 whole days just laying around and not doing much of anything. I've just been laying on the couch or the bed looking at my dollhouse books and a new book I just got about gnomes. I did take some pictures of my garden before the rain came on saturday. The greatest picture is the one with the lily pad looking thing in a tub. That was a present from my hubby- you can't see it working in the picture because it was so cloudy when I took it, but it is a solar fountain. When the sun is shining the lilypad is a water fountain. It's pretty cool- when the sun shines again I'm going to post a better picture :) I also have some bearded iris starting to flower. I think the tiny blue flowers are flax, but I'm not sure. The poppies are starting to bloom. The rest are just some random pictures of various places around the garden. Once we get sun again I think things are going to start to bloom- some of the pink daisies are really close and so are the perennial bachelor buttons. As a special note to my friend Laura- whom I am trying to get healthy with---I went for my walk friday- had to do the treadmill saturday and will admit that I have done nothing but lay around and be lazy sunday. Tomorrow I'm back on track girl- promise.


Tiffany said...

Pretty garden pictures, Kim! I may ask to paint one or two once I have a few extra minutes. I hope you feel better. Headaches are the worst!

Kim said...

Tiffany- you are more than welcome to take a copy of any picture that I post to use with your artwork. It makes me happy that my garden would inspire artwork! Sometimes I can get a headache for 2 or 3 days--I'm learning that it goes away faster if I don't push it and just give in and rest :)

Katie said...

I get headaches, too....and No, you can't get a darn thing done with them!! Don't forget to drink lots of fluids, sometimes it helps:) The garden looks great, it is sooo big! And so peaceful!!

MiniKat said...

Katie's right. Remember to get plenty of fluids. It's good for the headache situation, but even better when you are trying to loose weight.

The garden is gorgeous! :-)

sunshine said...

I love that orange flower! It's beautiful.
Your gardens look so great Kim. All your hard work really shows.
I'm sorry that you've been battling that headache. I get those too from time to time. (usually around my
That's great that you got out for a walk though! Good for you!!!
I did my dvd over the weekend. I'm hoping today to get out for a real walk. :)

Tallulah~Belle said...

it is looking great Kim.

Hoe you feel better soon ((((()))))

As for rain in May...well we moved to MN on April 3rd and it was still snowing. Then May came and it rained every single was then I thought I'd made a huge mistake.
By mid winter I realised I'd rather have rain lol.

Jill said...

I love your garden! What wonderful pathways! I would love to have a fountain in my garden...

Kim said...

Katie and Kat-
Thank you for the good advice! I have had problems with headaches my whole life- I think it is partly allergies to blame. I used to not let it stop me, but in my "old age" I am starting to learn it will go away faster if I don't push it. Thank you for the compliments on my garden- it is truly where I feel the happiest :)

Usually we WOULD have lots of rain in May! It is not a good sign when I need to be watering my garden this much this early in the season. We have had a couple of good days of rain, so hopefully we will start to catch up. I'll never forget the first time we took my sister camping on the 4th of July way up in Ely Mn- close to the border to Canada- and it snowed. I thought she would never camp again! That's Minnesota for you :)

Jill- that fountain is so cool- no cords! The only thing is that it doesn't work if it is cloudy- but since my garden is no where near an electricity source and I really wanted a fountain- I will gladly take a fountain on sunny days only :) Thank you for the compliments on my garden-- I wish everyone could come over for iced tea and see it in person!

Jemjoop said...

Oh my gosh! Look at your garden, that's gorgeous. So much work too. The tiny blue flowers could be Forget Me Nots.
Ugh headaches are the worst. And this year it's like an endless allergy season too, just keeps going and going...
Hope you feel better soon.