Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome new followers and...my pillow :)

I have a couple of new followers to welcome. Please visit these gals- their blogs are amazing!

First, we have Marlene from http://somersethouseaproject.blogspot.com/. Marlene is working on Somerset House- a townhouse dollhouse set in the 1820's. She has lots of amazing pictures to look at of her house :)

Next we have Teresa from http://minimadwoman.blogspot.com/
Teresa is working on her Villa Villekula dollhouse---but it seems as if she is like me and would rather play outside when the weather is nice. So hard to choose!!! She also has a beautiful new pink bicycle and it is worth it to go check her out just to see that!

Thank you for reading ladies!!!

Next......I took the plunge and sewed up my pillow! I can see all of the mistakes that I made, but I am hoping you cannot see them as much! I have learned that I need to work on my skills of actually making a pillow this small, but I am pretty in love with it and so pleased that I might be able to eventually tackle that tea cozy kit after all. I think a second pillow and a rug will come first so that I can get some more practice. I think the places where you can see a bit of white were from me pulling the string too tight- a problem I have in knitting too. I could have missed a stitch though. Anyhow, now I am feeling all brave and ready for the second one. Woo Hoo!


MiniKat said...

I think that you did a great first pillow! I really like the colors you used. What size fabric did you use?

The only problem I see, and you already mentioned it, is you need to relax and let the tension from your hand pulling the thread even out. It's hard to learn because people get stressed and start fretting over the tension, which makes it worse.

Give yourself time and it will come naturally! :-) Oh and remember to breathe. I forgot that a lot! ;-)

Still do if I try to work longer than my eyes want me to.

MiniMadWoman said...

Kim, I think you did an excellent job! Your pillow is very pretty! I can't wait to see that tea cozy! Bottoms up! LOL!!

Kim said...

thank you! I am so proud! I was thinking that it was my tension because I tend to do the same thing when I am knitting! I really need to not worry about it so much and have more fun with it! I am going to make a second pillow now and then I will post a picture of them in their place of honor in my dollhouse :) The breathing part is a good tip too- I did find myself holding my breath when trying to find the right squares!

Teresa- Thank you too! I am so scared of that tea cozy kit! It is from Janet Granger Designs and I am so nervous about ruining it! I have to do some more practice first :) Of course, my mind wants to jump ahead and thinks I should try to design my own pillow next :) I must tell my brain to be patient!! Finish learning technique brain!!

Tiffany said...

Great job, Kim! Don't worry about mistakes. The first thing I always do is point out all the mistakes when I'm showing someone my work. Why do we do that? My friends and I use the "5 foot rule." If it looks good from 5 feet away, it's perfect! Maybe for minis we can change it to the 3 foot rule. :)

MiniMadWoman said...

LOL!! I'm just like you, Kim! Just give it to me and let me have a go . . . never mind the learning curve! Do take the time though, you'll be much happier in the end! Good luck!