Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tea shop roombox

I am an excited gal today. I am starting to recover from working 2 jobs last week and I decided last night that I would search for some printable tea boxes for my room box and make a few of them. It sounded like a project that would not require a lot of energy :) I found these tea boxes at the site of Christine Woolsey--http://cwoolse.tripod.com/miniprintables/junk.html
Last night I glued some of them together and touched up the edges with a little paint. I think they look fab. I also made some little cream puffs with chocolate for the desert plates I am going to have on the tables. I made these from a tutorial on the CDHM forum- it was really easy to follow- I will be sure to try out some of the other tutorials I have seen posted there! The reason I am so excited is that I am really pleased with how the picture turned out this time. I was commenting on Julie Campbell's blog and picked up a good tip on taking pictures. I don't know why I never thought of it before. Karin over at http://orrlakemusings.blogspot.com/ suggested to take a good picture from far away and then crop it as a close up in a photo editing program. This is what I did this time and I think I might finally have a decent picture of a mini for once. Karin- if you happen to be reading this at all- I have to say a huge thank you!! Anyhow, that's my only picture to share for today. I have been spending time outside pulling weeds and still trying to be patient waiting for some flowers to show their faces :) Hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day!


MiniKat said...

Kim if you're interested I made tea bags that match those boxes a couple of years ago. I would be happy to email them to you.

Email me via my blog if you would like them. :-)

sunshine said...

Wow! Everything turned out excellent! I especially love the tea boxes. I couldn't look at the cream puffs too closely as I'm on a diet ... yes I would probably eat toy cream puffs. :) Don't doubt it woman!
I missed you last week! No more 2 jobs dammit!!! :(

Kim said...

Kat- I emailed you- hopefully at the right email addy!

I missed you too girl! My diet is not going so well, but I am going to try again now that mother's day is over. I don't like the 2 jobs- but I like that it catches me up a little bit on the bills :)

Jean Day said...

Delicious, you are having so much fun! That was a great hint that worked really well for your photo. I always love to be able to click on a photo to see it larger. Two jobs must be difficult.

Mini Hugs, Jean

MiniKat said...

I haven't gotten an email, Kim. Hmm... I'll check again.

Kim said...

Kat- I'll try again- I might not have emailed the right place! I am not the smartest when it comes to the computer :) My gmail is flowerarts@gmail.com- let me know if you still don't get anything from me :)