Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tea Room and garden and not enough time

The weekend flew past me way too quickly. I have been a bad blogger- I have not read anyone's blogs or posted myself for a few days. I wish that a person did not have to sleep- I always wonder where the time has gone. I worked on my tea room a bit this weekend- I put the rest of the lattice work on the shelves and I put the second window treatment up. I also bought a book with instructions for wicker furniture and I am going to try to make a few chairs to go in the tea room. Most of the weekend I worked in my garden. I have birds nesting in two of the birdhouses in the garden. Barn swallows are nesting in one of them and the mama barn swallow is very protective. If I get near her house she chirps and chirps at me and if I don't take the hint she dive bombs me. I guess that area of the garden will be growing some weeds until the babies leave the nest. That is ok with me- I would be protective of my babies too I guess. Every time she goes into the house to feed them you can hear the chorus of chirps and I can see the little wide open mouths in my mind :) Not much new blooming in my garden. My lilacs have started to open this weekend and the smell is heavenly. One of my favorite times of the year. I am showing a picture of all the plants starting to grow and fill in- quite a difference from the pictures of brown twigs. I also have a picture of the pots outside my garden gate that are now filled with herbs, tomatoes and peppers. This is the first year I have tried growing herbs and veggies in a pot together- I hope they do well! Have I mentioned that I really, really love my garden?


sunshine said...

Wow! Your lilacs look awesome! Mine didn't have many flowers this year for some reason. :(
The garden is coming along nicely. Your hard work shows.
I love the tea room. It's so girly girl. Can't wait to see Kim and Laura drinking tea and eating cream puffs! LOL
I've been super busy too. Soccer is eating up all of my time. Once school lets out things won't be so bad. (the boys are on school baseball teams as well...sigh!)
Miss you!!!

A. Wright said...

Wow look at those lilac bushes! Have I mentioned that I really really love your garden?

Kim said...


Thank you! I am still working on the tea room so no Laura and Kim dolls yet :) I've never made a doll before so that should be really interesting! Don't forget about yourself running after all those soccer kids! Your pictures are so cute!


Thank you too! If you were closer I would invite you over for some tea in my garden- it really is fun to sit out there :)

MiniKat said...

Gorgeous lilacs! :-)

The tea room is coming along great!

Jill said...

I love your garden and your tea house! I eventually want to build a bakery/tea house also-- one of my many future projects! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following your blog also!

kibbygirl said...

The tea room is so cute, I love all the little tea sets. Your garden is beautiful too. I am so thankfull the be able to get back out there again.