Monday, May 18, 2009

Gardens and tea

I spent a good part of my weekend out in my garden. I am addicted to my garden- I think my hubby has thought an intervention is in order more than once. Here are some new pictures of my garden. I think I had about 8 total tulips that came up and bloomed. I have a few iris starting to show their colors- but not much yet. June is when the color seems to start to show up for me. I wish the whole summer had the gardening conditions of the spring though.....nice cool breezes, not many bugs---no grasshoppers! How I hate grasshoppers bouncing off of me! My paths are still under construction- not much progress there as I need to go buy more concrete. The same is true for fence pickets, so not much progress there either. I have pulled hundreds upon hundreds of weeds though :)

I also worked a bit on the tea room this past weekend. I cut some lattice work from balsa wood and painted it pink to add to the shelving. I still have more to do and my cutting is not perfect, but I am pretty pleased with the results. I also tried my hand at making some curtains for the window and I really like how they turned out! I am learning and having so much fun with this roombox. I have my little pillow for the flower shop dollhouse all finished but I am really nervous about cutting it down and making it into a pillow so I am still procrastinating there. Maybe this afternoon I will get the guts :)


Doreen said...

I love seeing your garden. It is coming along well. My tulips have just come out now but my iris are still a long way away. The lilacs have not burst open yet either but it has been quite chilly and rainy. One warm day and I think everything will burst open.

MiniKat said...

Beautiful garden!

What size pillow? Did you stitch it?

Doreen said...

By the way I love that iron lady - is she holding a birdfeeder?

Kim said...

Thank you! I don't get to share my garden with many people so I am happy someone likes my pictures here :) My lilacs are not open yet either....I bet your iris will start soon because I am thinking our weather is very similar. We were very cool yesterday and now today they are saying 80's! Funny, huh? That is an iron lady- she's meant to hold a planter basket but I have a hummingbird feeder in her hand instead. I have a hummingbirds in my garden most of the summer- they have little wars over the feeder and flowers- they don't share well :)

Thank you to you also! Your garden will be more fun I think as you get to eat what you are growing! I am doing a couple of tomatoe and pepper plants and maybe some squash-but I have never been really good with the veggies:)

My pillow is my first dollhouse embrodiery attempt. I could not find the right stitch count fabric so I think I probably went a little out of scale, but I think it is ok for my first try. It is 1 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches. I don't know why I am so nervous to finish it now- especially because it's small and not a big deal if I ruin it, but it is my first finished stitching so I am kind of a little proud of it (mistakes and all :) )
Thank you so much for the tea bags also!!! I can't wait for some time to try them out!

michele said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Love how you made the flower. Thank you too for becoming a follower of my Extremely Crafty blog!

Tiffany said...


Follow Casey's directions on her blog for gluing your cushion edges before cutting it down. This way you can't hurt it. I pulled out a whole punchneedle rug by accident once before, so I know how you feel. But if you glue the edges, let it dry, and then cut it down you are safe. Promise!