Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Fabulous Farmhouse

Cathy over at has just celebrated her second anniversary so of course I needed to buy some of her fab creations for my dollhouse bakery. My hubby made me a little stand for the hanging candy that she sells. They are so adorable! I had only bought one packet on my first order and after the hubby built the stand I needed more. Here is a picture of the candy hanging on the stand. I love them Cathy!!!! I need more, but that will have to wait until I can have another mini buying spree. If you have time- pop over to her store and look at her wonderful creations. Not much else going on with me right now.....I have been doing my excercise tape so I am sore and trying to adjust to muscles waking up. Ugh. We are doing inventory at work and that is a bummer too. When I sit down at night I have been doing that second pillow- you don't have too move too much to do that. I am practicing trying to have a "lighter hand" in my stitching.

oh yeah- the cookies in the case are made by Cathy too- aren't they adorable!!!!!!


MiniKat said...

What a great hubby to build you minis! I have to say I'm a tad jealous. ;-)

The bakery looks great!

Doreen said...

I love your bakery. It is so nice that you can add items as you go along and it is just like replenishing a real store.

moti said...

Hi, lovely work!!!!! so cute!!!



Kim said...

Thank you ladies! I am having lots of fun with my bakery too! I'm thinking about gathering my nerve and trying to make my own wedding cake- I want a really ornate and large cake to set next to the one I already purchased.

Kat- I sometimes think my hubby likes my dollhouse more than I do!! He is always looking at things with a "mini" eye- he's actually better at it than I am!

sunshine said...

Wow!!! It's coming along so well. Everything looks fantastic.
That's great that hubby is so interested. If I ask my husbands opinion on anything I'm interested in I get a .."I dunno... you know I dunnno anything about that stuff Laura..".
See what I'm dealing with over here???

Jean Day said...

I love Cathy's goodies so much too, especially her Peeps!
Your dollhouse bakery look wonderful!

Mini Hugs, Jean