Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Shop

I really have not ever made my own dollhouse furniture. I have made the occasional accessorises- little plants, some things for my kitchen, bathroom do-dads- but furniture intimidates me. I want to learn so I am going to attempt to build as much as I can for the tea shop. I am not even sure of what layout I should do since usually I would decide on some furniture I wanted from a shop and make little paper layouts from the measurements to see if everything would fit before purchase. I decided to do this same idea for my furniture, so last night I started building a cardboard layout in the tea room. I know some of the skilled artists I follow might find this silly, but I truly don't know what I am doing and I would hate to waste a bunch of wood. Cardboard is much cheaper :) I have not progressed very far, but it is making it easier to decide what to do. I am a very visual person and numbers tend to confuse me, so seeing it is much better to me than reading a bunch of measurements on a paper. I welcome any "building" tips anyone wants to give me because I am truly winging it--is this a stupid way to start at it- am I just wasting my time?


MiniKat said...

If making cardboard layout pieces help you visualize the space you have in your tea shop then by all means do it. Sometimes I find a piece of furniture that I love and build a scene around it. In those instances I have the furniture to work around.

I also use quadrille graph paper and draw scaled 2-D floor plans of rooms I'm working on. Mark the door ways, which way the doors open, and mark the windows. If I know the "footprint" (amount of floor space a piece of furniture takes up)of an object then I use the graph paper to make shapes to represent the bottoms of the furniture and move them around the floor plan.

That trick works great for moving into a new house too. Get room measurements and make the footprints of your real furniture to figure out how your furniture will fit into the new house. It takes a bit of time but think of the energy you save rearranging furniture! ;-)

SenaMena said...

I feel your pain....I don't like making furniture either. I always blame the fact that I am no good at it on my need of those fancy woodcutting machines! I'm sure whatever you end up with till be great!!

Kim said...

Thank you! I think I will get some graph paper to help me out too. I want to try doing a 1/2 scale house, but I want to improve my skills a lot before hand so I learn from some of my mistakes first. I keep making notes from everyone's blogs that I find tips on! I never thought of taking one piece and building around it, I may have to give that one some extra thought too. Thank you so much!!!

MiniKat said...

After I posted this comment I thought I should just share my trick on my blog so everyone can see it. I linked back here so they can see yours too. I hope you don't mind. I really do think you have a great idea! :-)

Kim said...

I have seen your minis and I think you do very well! It is intimidating to start though- thank you for sharing my grief :)


I'm heading over to see your post and you have me very relieved that I am not being goofy by making the cardboard version first. As I was taping bits of cardboard together I was feeling so foolish! I totally don't mind people sharing my blog- I have been met with so much kindness in the blogging community- I don't know why I was so nervous about it! Have a super day and thank you again for your help :)

Mary said...

Best wishes for the furniture, Kim! I'm looking forward to seeing how it all goes.

sunshine said...

What a great idea. Numbers mean nothing to me either. LOL!
Keep up the great work.

thefabulousfarmhouse said...

Hi Kim, I too have used cardboard, and to me it's like the measure twice cut once rule. Maybe some people don't need to but I sure do:) I began a roombox which I haven't worked on lately but I have cardboard stairs!! Eventually they'll be wood but gosh I'd hate to cut all that wood out only to find I'd wasted tons of time! And besides, cardboard goes through the saw just as easily as wood does. Most importantly have fun! Be safe too:)