Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sun is shining today

Today the sun is shining after a couple of days of rain. Last night I had my hair cut and colored. It is a little shorter than I usually go, but I have thick, fast growing hair so it won't stay that way long. Here is a before and after picture. I really hope you can tell which is which! I didn't realize I had so many wrinkles already- I don't feel a day over 20! Wrinkles are a sign of a life well lived, right?

We had some much needed rain here in my town in northern minnesota and now the trees are really starting to bud and it won't be long before the leaves start to pop. I went and received a stronger allergy medicine and I have to admit I am feeling a little less tired now. I guess I should have thought about allergies making me tired sooner! Now I have to start to catch up from a few days of being lazy and not doing much! Thank goodness the weekend is almost here! I love my cats dearly, but it is almost a job in itself to keep up with their shedding. Especially right now. If the sun continues to shine I hope to pour some more concrete on the garden path so perhaps there will be garden pictures come monday!


rosanna said...

What are wrinkles? a great Italian actress Anna Magnagni said to a makeup artist who wanted to mask hers:"Do not dare! I have struggle all my life to have them!" sh as old at that time but still beautful and most important her face had a personality.I love any of my buddng wrinkles as long as I feel 17-

Kim said...

I agree! We do earn them, don't we? I was just saying to my hubby after I took that before picture yesterday that I was shocked to see those wrinkles- I really do still feel very young and I guess I still see myself as young in my mind! I really don't mind the wrinkles---I am happy to be alive and enjoying life- wrinkles and all :) Thank you - now I will forever after think of them as my personality shining through :)

sunshine said...

I guess I'm the only one here considering botox then am I? LOL
(for the record I had to maxamize your picture then get my magnafying glass then squint really really hard in order to see your wrinkles.)
I know what you mean though. I'm always somewhat shocked when I notice mine. I'm thinking.."How can that be? I'm 'the baby'!!" (I'm the baby in my family therefore always referred to as"the baby".)
Well, I think you are absolutly gorgeous. I'm so happy that you are feeling better! Yay!!!!
My cat is shedding too. Grrrrr!!! Of course stupid me was looking at some kittens today... sigh....

sunshine said...

P.S. Your hair looks great by the way!

Kim said...


Thank you for the compliments! I really am kind of joking a bit- I am not really all that concerned about the wrinkles...that's the cycle we gotta go through. I am the oldest in my family, but I mostly feel like the youngest- isn't that weird? I feel like all my siblings are such adults and I am still such a kid. Maybe because they all have children and I have never had any. Maybe I feel like you are not an adult unless you have children- I don't know. Looking at kittens can be dangerous!! That is how we got my 3rd indoor cat- it was abandoned outside a Caribou coffee and no one would claim her and I couldn't leave something so cute just sitting there to fend for herself! Of course, no one claimed her in the paper or poster I put up-so here she lives in my house! Three is enough though because I vacuum at least twice a week now and I refuse to have to vacuum more than that! How is your "me" time going?


MiniKat said...

The new "do" looks great! :-)

Kim said...

Thank you Kat!!!!

sunshine said...

Thanks for your wise words Kimmy-girl! Just thought I'd better leave some words here for anyone that came over from my blog to see if I commented back.
Bloggers do that you know... ;p

Now I'm off to put some makeup on to cover my wrinkles. Sometimes too much personality isn't a good thing. hehehe...I kid, I kid...

Tallulah~Belle said...

It looks great and I can't see any wrinkles.

It is good to see what you look like !

I had all my hair chopped off last week as well....about 12 inches of it :-) And I went darker !

Kim said...


Thank you for the compliment! I am actually kind of liking the shorter hair since it doesn't blow into my face as much when I am outside. It's so uplifting to get your hair done, isn't it? I think I feel a million times better when my hair is not all split ends and roots showing :) Hope your week is going well!!!!

Tallulah~Belle said...

You're welcome :-)

I hated the process of getting my hair done because it was so long and used to take about 5 hours. Now it is short though it should be easier :-)

Although she has cut it too short to tie back which is a pain.

I am busy emptying my workroom...too much hard work for my liking when we aren't even moving house ! I must throw lots of stuff away.

Debi Minter from WY said...

You are Beautiful my friend. Your wrinkles show your laugh lines and make you look wise and wonderful!
Love your hair. I just got my hair cut and colored too!

Kim said...


Thank you! I am actually kind of liking aging. If for no other reason than I am smarter than I used to be! You need to post a pic of your new hairdo on your blog! Big hugs to you my friend!!!!!!!!