Monday, April 6, 2009


Okay, I am officially old! I just now figured out how to make a link to another webpage when I am posting. I guess it only takes me a couple months to learn something new!! :)

I guess I will have to spend some more time over at Blogger help and see what else I can learn!


Doreen said...

The blogger tutorial is very good and I learned almost everything I know from there. Also a lot of trial and error and asking other bloggers - "how do I"?

By the way - it is STILL snowing. I am like you and can't wait to get out in the garden. I love to dig in the earth.

MiniKat said...

It is a poor day when you don't learn something new. At least that's what my mother says. :-)

sunshine said...

Wow! You ARE old!!! LOL
I need to seriously get my butt over to the "tutorial page" and figure some stuff out. How to move pictures so they all aren't at the top of the page is on the top of my list. If one more person tells me to just "click and drag" I swear.......!!!!!!!!! *angry eyes*

~Doreen.. It's snowing here too! I actually almost got stuck 3 times this morning while I was out. It's really deep and really heavy!
I am soooooooo over snow!!!!!
Dear Snow,
Go Away!
Love Laura