Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Plugging along

I have not been feeling the best. Kind of down and tired. I seem to have little cycles like that. I used to ignore them and just force myself to keep going, but as I am getting older I am starting to give in and take a break. I have not been doing a lot the last few days. I have spent time in the garden---still clearing out debris. This usually takes some time each spring because I leave most if it in the fall for the animals. I feel the trade off of shelter and seed heads for food is worth the extra work in the spring. I have also been working on a painting for my cousin- you can see it here. It is in it's beginning stages- which I call the ugly stage. Right now I hate it and I usually have to force myself to keep working on it and not just toss it in the trash. Most times I get past this and can turn out a decent painting that I like. I have also been working on a table runner that is part of a present for a friend's wedding this summer. I am not happy with the way this is turning out- but that could just be because I am not so great at sewing and I was raised by a seamstress so my standards of sewing are set pretty high. My Mom is excellent at sewing. I have never paid for a comforter in my life- and I doubt I ever will. I cannot sew a comforter from scratch by myself, but I have become pretty darn good at sewing new duvet covers to go over old comforters when I get tired of them. Anyhow- the sun is shining today and I am hoping that I will start to feel my energy and enthusiasm return and not feel so blessed tired. Sunshine is like magic medicine sometimes, isn't it?


MiniKat said...

I think the runner looks fantastic. You are giving yourself too little credit.

Kim said...

Thank you Kat! If you see it in person there are spots where it buckles a bit- I am hoping they iron out, but if not I will take out stitches and re-do it. Maybe not today though- taking out stitches is NOT my favorite :)
Hope you have a lovely day!

sunshine said...

Well I'm no expert but from what I can see both are lovely! What a talent you have. So creative. I have absolutly NO patience for anything like that. I can't tell you how many times my Mum tried to teach me to sew, knit or crochet...... I'd make a mistake, get mad and end up throwing it.(literally).
You're too hard on yourself. Listen up woman, you're awesome and anyone would be lucky to have something made by you! They'll love it (them_)!!!!!
I'm smiling at you so watch out! Here comes the sun... :)
Love and Hugs

Kim said...

Thank you! I am lucky because I have a very creative Mom and was encouraged to pursue my own creativity. I have to admit that I never really took to the sewing like my Mom though- I think it is because I really hate numbers and following rules- which is usually important in sewing. I have patience for some things and not others. I can work with tiny beads for hours, but I cannot stand to knit for more than five minutes :)
I think part of the reason I do not like them is because I am feeling so grumpy, tired and down this week. Next week I will probably think everything is great again! I get my hair cut and colored tomorrow- surely that is going to help my whole outlook! Think of how beautiful I will be!!!! Maybe I will be brave and post a picture on thursday of my new hair without 2 inch gray roots!

Thank you for sending the sun my way- I knew I could count on you!

sunshine said...

Hey Kimmy!!! Just popping in to see how you are feeling today. Hope that you are better!
The sun is out and it's a lovely day here! Hows bout you? ;D
Take care!!!!

Debi Minter from WY said...

LOVE the painting... LOVE IT LOVE IT!


Kim said...


Thank you! I have it set aside right now because I hate it- I am thinking of trying out some techniques on it from one of my many art books, because I already don't like it so I won't cry if I ruin it and I might even start to like it. We'll see- I'll be sure to post if it gets better. I can't believe you are almost ready to send off one of your give-aways! I have all of mine started, but none of them are finished. Typical for me :)