Monday, April 20, 2009

Pink is not my favorite color

Pink is not my favorite color. I have no idea why I decided that my tea shop roombox needed to be pink, but it jumped out at me and so pink it is. We had gloomy, cold, damp weather much of the weekend, so I did manage to get some work done on my roombox as well as some work done on my real house. I am trying out a tip I saw on another blog where you take a linoleum tile and carve the grout lines for smaller tiles into the large tile. I don't know if I am doing it wrong or not, but it is hard on the hands. I managed to get the smaller room done before I decided I needed a couple days break from the carving. I also started to make the built in shelves along the back wall. They look pretty simple right now, but I decided mini making is like painting a picture. You have to have the ugly bit first to get to the beautiful bit. That's my story anyhow.

I spent a lot of the weekend painting real walls in my real house. Our old farmhouse has two stories. My hubby is not a fan of stairs, so I pretty much have taken over the second floor of our house. It has one large room (I call it the library guest room) that has bookshelves for my book addiction and a futon for guests that come to stay. There is a table and chairs up there for guests that want a workspace and our old desktop computer that I hardly ever use because it is sooooo slow compared to the laptop. I have been repainting this room- it is the horrid green color that you saw in the previous post with the chairs on the wall. No one but me would love that color! Right next to the large library room is my craft room, which is a huge disaster. I think almost anyone that has a craft room has a disaster at one point or another. My hubby's daughter and her family are coming at the end of May and so I really want to get that room upstairs cleaned up and looking fine for guests.

Today I am kind of cranky because I feel like I didn't really finish anything at all this weekend and I really want another day to stay home and not go to work! I also decided this morning that I need to get back on my weight watchers program so that my sundresses fit this summer, so of course I am cranky about that too! I think I am going to go do my work now and think about how much rain and gloom equals pretty flowers and how much better a pretty sundress is than chocolate. I am really going to have to work on that last one!


sunshine said...

Well I love pinks and yellows so I think your tea room looks awesome!
I really like the floor too! It turned out quite nicely.
Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this past weekend. I'm like that too though, I seem to do a whole bunch of stuff yet feel like I've got nothing done. I hate that!
Se've got that cold, weather here now. It was so nice up until today! The good news is that it's supposed to be nice, warm and sunny again by Thursday. I think I can hold on until then.. LOL
I've started back on my "healthy eating plan" (whatever, blah) today too. I gained a lot of weight over the winter (it was a long one...) now I've got absolutly nothing to wear. One pair of jeans and two shirts. Even my track pants are getting tight. That's not good.... :)

Have a great day chickie! I'm so excited about the pink tea room! You'll have to get Laura and Kim dolls to hang out in there!!

sunshine said...

Se've got that cold, weather here now.

Was supposed to read...
We've got that cold, damp weather here now.....
I really need to proof read before I hit send...

Kim said...


Thanks for the compliments! I truly wish that I was a person that "loved" to eat healthy, but I am not. I would take a cheeseburger over a turkey sandwich any day! However, I am turning the big 40 this year and I need to admit that I need to take care of myself and not eat like a teenager all the time. Notice I didn't say never eat like a teenager :)
We are supposed to warm up by thursday too- I'll cross my fingers for you and you cross yours for me!

I was thinking after I finished the tea room that I might want to try my hand at making a doll or 2- I guess I know what I need to make now! Of course, since it was your idea you cannot get upset by the results. I have never made a dollhouse doll before!

Hope your day is great too and that you get warm weather soon!


sunshine said...

As long as the Laura doll has a fine ass and big boobs I'll be happy with however she turns out. ;p
I eat like a teenager too! Chips, burgers, fries, chocolate bars..and diet pepsi. (I never drink my calories!!!)
When is your b-day woman?!? I'm turning 40 too! In September. So far, I think I'm okay with it... I think.. Sometimes I think being 39 is harder... I feel like I'm on the edge of something big. Like ummm, 40?
I'll keep my fingers crossed about the weather too. I don't mind the rain but I hate it when it's mixed with cold temperatures and high winds... uggh!

Mary said...

Well,I for one really like your pink tea room! If you're thinking about color combos I believe that pink and light green is divine...

Kim said...

You have a deal- I'll make sure the Laura doll is a real dish! My birthday is in June. I am actually ok with turning 40 because last summer I was sick and it was a real eye opener. I decided I would rather get old than not get old :) Now I am just thankful I am still around no matter what the number. We really should be neighbors! Good thing for our hubbys we are not!! I think we could get into some trouble :)
The sun is out a little bit today here- I'm trying to send some your way too!


Kim said...

I think light green and pink is awesome too! I was kind of thinking about light green or lavander for the tablecloths in the smaller room. Hope you have a sunny day too!!!