Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My friend the turkey

I have a new friend that has been visiting my bird feeder. It is a female wild turkey! I don't have any pictures to share right now, but I hope I will have a chance to snap a few soon. She visited us twice last year, but she must have been a "teenager" still. I have seen her a couple of times already this year and she is BIG! I know a lot of people think that turkeys are kind of ugly, but I find her to be beautiful. It is such a treat to watch her eating at the feeder too. My hubby puts out cracked corn under the feeders for the wild rabbits and the squirrels. We didn't know we would attract turkeys too! Last year the last time that I saw her she had a little baby turkey with her. I hope we see baby turkeys this year too.


Doreen said...

I hope you can get a picture. I love all widlife and would be very happy if I had a cabin in the woods where I could watch them all the time.

sunshine said...

Cool! I love that when random things just show up. Last year there was a fox in my front yard! I've seen deer and we have a jack rabbit that visits us. I live in town btw..lol I hope you catch a picture of it!
Whenever you say that we should be neighbours I get a clear vision of Lucy & Ethel. Hahaha... oh the trouble we'd cause and the fun we'd have!!!

Kim said...

If I get a picture I am posting it for sure! I had a picture from last year but I can't seem to find it now! I don't quite have the cabin in the woods, but we are on 7 acres, so we are close- trees on one side and hay fields on the other that belong to the farmer we bought our house from. I really love it here- it is a good life :)

Kim said...

Holy moly you get a lot of visitors there in town! I have never seen a fox on my land, probably because we have two dogs. I have seen some deer and we have lots of rabbits running around here. We have black and gray squirrels too! I've never seen them running around together like they do in my yard before! I think we would be like Lucy and Ethel!


sunshine said...

We have a chipmunk (Chippy) that runs along our house. I leave peanuts out for him. He's soooo cute! Our cat Mysterio grabs him and carrys him around. At first when I saw him do that I yelled at him and made him let the chipmunk go. Then I realized that Mysterio was just playing with him. Probably because he's the least hungry cat EVER. LOL
It's fun to see the different wildlife isn't it?
I live fairly close to a highway and on the other side is a lot of wooded area. The fox and deer all cross over from there.

Man ... now we have to decide who has to be Ethel. :( LOL

sunshine said...

P.S. I've definatly learned to pick my battles as far as dealing with mother in law. For the sake of my marriage I had to learn to deal with her.
I know what you mean about treating others the way I want to be treated. I often think that someday I will be a Mother in law myself. I really hope that my daughters/son in law don't feel about me the way I feel about mine.
Someday I'll be sitting in the front seat and my daughter in law will be glaring at me from the back. Hahhaa.... I can wait.

Kim said...

I think I will be Ethel- I feel kind of like her most days :)

I think sometimes my MIL is jealous of me because my husband is her favorite boy.She has tried to get us to let her move in with us since she realized I wasn't going away and I keep saying no. I guess I can understand that and I try to think how I might be jealous in her shoes. I'm still not letting her move in with us though.