Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lazy sunday night

Well dinner is over, the dishes are done, my house is clean- so I get to grab some internet time. I actually spent about an hour out in the garden today clearing out some dried wet leaves and cleaning up. It's still too early to see much more than wild daisies, but it was just great to be out there. I also made a 2 layer cake for Easter- the first time I have ever tried to make a 2 layer cake and actually had it turn out kind of pretty looking. I was pretty proud of it, almost didn't want to cut it,'s cake, so you know I got past that and cut into it pretty quick. I finished my eggs in time and decided that I liked how they looked hanging from the chandelier instead of a branch. I found a little terra cotta bunny I had in the attic and so that was my little Easter display. In my colors :)

After my hubby's Mom and brother left we glued together a room box kit that my Mom had given to me last time I visited her. I have a miniature teaset collection, so I am thinking I am going to turn this room box into a tea shop with a little sitting area on one end where you could have tea and a storefront on the other end that sells tea and tea sets. Good way to display my collection if I can make it work. This will be the first time I try to make the shelves and furniture myself. I thought it might be a good learning project.

Anyhow, I think I hear a hot bath calling to me.


Doreen said...

What a lovely collection you have. The tea room will showcase them well. Have fun in making it - you will learn a lot as you go. I had never made cupboards or shelves before I did my ice cream parlour and burger concession stand. I was pleased how they turned out and now I now that I can do it.

Kim said...


Thank you for the encouragement- I am kind of nervous...I usually just purchase my mini's but I really want to learn to do more. Problem is that I am not really good at measurements. I think I will be measuring 6 times and cut once :) I guess everyone has to start somewhere! Hope you see some green shoots popping up soon in your yard and garden!

sunshine said...

My tulips are beginning to come up through the ground and I am so excited! I love to see my Tulips! I just wish that they lasted longer.
Good for you with the cake! I love cake soooo much! Good thing seeing how I had 3 of my kids within a month of each other.
I can't wait to see how the "tea room" progresses! So fun!
I'm glad that after everything was done, you got to have some "you" time.
There's nothing like a nice hot bath. :)

Julie Kendall said...

Good luck with the tea room, i bet it will look fab when its done.
The cake looked very tasty by the way:O)

Kim said...

I can't even get the tulips to faithfully come up in my garden! I think I keep freezing them out because my garden is in the middle of my large front yard. This fall I am going to plant some tulips right up by the house where it's more protected and warmer and see if I do better. I love tulips too!

Kim said...


Thank you! It will be a learning process, that's for sure! The cake was sooooo yummy- it was hard to stop with one piece!!