Saturday, April 4, 2009

I love mini mail!!

Yesterday I received a package in the mail of some miniature glass covered cake plates!! They are adorable- I ordered one large plate and 2 plates meant for 1/2" scale that I am using as smaller plates in my 1/12 scale house. Here are pictures of the new cake plates as well as pictures of the plates in the bakery. The bakery still is a work in progress. You can also see Hans- the bakery owner standing near one of the cake cases. Hans is married to Rose- the flower shop owner. They both live in the apartment above the shops. Rose met Hans while she was in Germany for a floral designer workshop. He fell in love with her and followed her here back to Minnesota. I wish I could play with the dollhouse more, but I have to go clean the litter box and scrub down the bathroom. I think tomorrow I might have to make a couple little cakes for those two small cake stands. How cute are they???


sunshine said...

I love those little cake stands! They are absolutly adorable.
Hans ...darling ... shave the stash. He looks like he might have done some 70's porn on the side back in the day. Hahaha.. I wonder if Rose likes it...hmmm. ;p
Sorry, it's been a looonnnng day and I talk/write stupid when I'm tired.

Kim said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Hans thinks his mustache makes him look sexy and mysterious. I didn't tell him what you said- I don't want to burst his bubble! Rose loves Hans no matter what- besides.....who wouldn't love a man that makes wonderful creations out of chocolate??!! Don't worry about your comments to me- I love a good laugh!!!

Hugs to you!!!!


sunshine said...

I'll forgive him the moustashe since he's soooo good with chocolate! LOL