Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful Easter weekend. My husband and I are just having his Mother and his brother over for dinner on Sunday. We don't have any little ones in my house so no egg hunts or baskets being ripped into with glee. I have had more than my share of Reese's Peanut Butter eggs this year though, and let me just say that I am thankful they do not sell them year round. I CANNOT seem to say no to them! I did start to paint myself some eggs in "my kind of colors". I am hoping I will finish enough by sunday to have a little tree like Mercedes- I am so jealous of her beautiful tree! I have 3 finished, I took a picture of them drying on my chandelier in the dining room. I took a couple of pictures of the new minis I received for my dollhouse, but after about a million pictures I still did not come out with any that were very clear. I think I need to learn how to use my camera better or get a better camera. Since the first option is free, I think I will start that way. Anyhow, I bought a decanter and two glasses for the bar cabinet in Han's office/library. I circled them on the photo since you cannot tell in either picture what they are! They are too cute- the glasses have cobalt blue stems.
There is also a bag of flour and a little measuring cup. The measuring cup was supposed to be clear, but it arrived an amber color. I don't really like it that color and I think I will end up just painting it white so it will look crisp and clean.
My snow is all melted now!!! When I went out to look in the garden last night after work I could see the wild daisies already starting to show their little green shoots. These daisies are tough- if we get another freeze they won't care, they'll just restart and come back anyways. Some people would call them a weed. I call them beautiful free flowers :)


sunshine said...

What the frig?!?
Why does Hans have a Kitchen Aid mixer? Does he even understand how long I have wanted one of those?? I have to make do with some piece of crap $6.00 hand mixer from Walmart and that DOLL is living my life!

Anyhow, enough about that bastard Hans...

I've been having quiet the "relationship" with those Reese's peanut butter eggs myself. They are so.... soothing. :)

I love the decanter, and the flour bag is absolutly adorable. I also love Mercedes tree.

I hope that you have a lovely weekend! Sorry if all this seems scattered or if there are multipal spelling mistakes. Currently I am over run with 4 extra children besides my own. I'm sure it will give me something to blog about...hehehe. In the meantime.."Help"!!!!


Kim said...

Well, you could feel a little sorry for Hans since Rose made him get a pink kitchen aid mixer. It takes a strong man to work in a pastel colored bakery ya know. Never worry about spelling or such with me, I live by spell check. I cannot even imagine 4 extra children! I don't have any children (unless you count my cats- and my husband does say I treat my cats like my children). I am tired just thinking about being you right now! Wish I could come help- kids seem to like me. Probably because we think on the same wavelength and I totally love to play. Hope you survive your weekend- I'll be sending you good vibes of strength and virtual reese's eggs!


Doreen said...

I'm with you on the daisies. I love them too. And our snow is also almost all gone - just some piles in shaded areas. If you want to put your own picture up top go to dashboard,then layout, then edit on the bar just under the navbar. That will bring up a screen - Configure Header. Then you can put in your Title, description and download an image from your computer. Hope this is not too confusing.

MiniKat said...

Beautiful eggs! Does your camera have a particular setting that allows for very close up... the symbol is a little flower? I don't know what's it's called. I just know when I push that button I can get good details up close.

Kim said...

Doreen and MiniKat,

Thank you for the tips! I am going to try to change my banner as soon as I catch up with my real work! I did find the flower symbol on my camera and it worked much better when I was trying to take a picture of my tea sets, but not better when I try to take pictures inside the dollhouse. Now I am thinking I might try shining light into the dollhouse and see if that results in a clearer picture. Thank you ladies- you are awesome!!!!

Kim :)