Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Green, green, green!!!!

My husband is in the process of putting concrete on the main path in my garden. This is taking us awhile because I buy the concrete as I can afford it- no one wants to go into debt from gardening! Yesterday after work he decided it was going to stay warm enough last night to put a couple of bags of concrete down. I am so excited!!! I know that we won't get the entire path finished this year, but I hope we at least get half done. While hubby was laying the path down I worked a bit on clean up. I have a lot of clean up to do each spring because I leave a good portion of my garden standing in the fall. The birds feast on the seed heads of dead flowers and I think the stems sticking up trap the snow and I would rather have deep snow covering my soil than bare soil, which tends to heave with no snow cover. Anyhow, I now have little iris popping up through the soil, and of course the chives are coming up in my barrel. It's pretty hard to kill the chives- they are strong and one of the first things I see growing in my garden. I can hardly wait! I have no idea why I live in Minnesota- I adore my garden so much, you would think I would move somewhere with a longer growing season. Perhaps I love my garden so much because my time with it is not as long as I would like. I included a picture of roses I bought at Easter time so this post would have a bit of color. Brown gardens are not that interesting if you are not garden obsessed :)


Tallulah~Belle said...

Kim, I really believe one of the reasons that I got into making miniature flowers was the lack of them in MN. Of course they are there but for so much less time than in England and it was instantly noticeable to me.

Of course a psychiatrist might tell me a different reason but I am not going there :-)

Good luck with the path !

Kim said...

I think you could be right! I often think that it is why I am sooo in love with my real garden- I get so little time with it and being farther north I am very limited in what will survive, so at times it is like a challenge also- how can I trick Mother Nature into letting me grow things I am not supposed to be able to grow here :) I'm sure I will be posting path pictures soon- I am so very excited!!!

Hope your day is sunny!

sunshine said...

We love our garden too. My husband was out this afternoon cutting off some dead stuff.
We used to have a big vegetable garden but with 4 kids we decided we needed/wanted a pool so that garden went. I really miss it a lot.

Kim said...

I would choose the pool too!!! My hubby has a veggie garden, but I don't help him with it much. My flower garden is almost too big for me to handle- I don't know what I was thinking when I started it! Good thing I can spend hours out there and have it seem like minutes! I hope you post some pics of your garden- I love to see garden pictures!