Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bug Lady Progresses

Last night I was feeling kinda lazy so I sat on the couch to watch Heros and I stitched the rest of the leaves for the head of my large bug lady. I have about 12 little bugs that I made hanging from the ceiling of my art room and I decided when I was looking at my birdhouse gourds one day that I needed a larger version to help me out in my art room too. Her head is an upside down birdhouse gourd that is glued onto a wood and wire armature body. Then I did paper mache on top of that for the shape of her body. Her skirt is an upside down tomatoe cage. She still has a lot of work to go but at least the back of her head is covered now! Here are some pictures of her, my messy, messy art room and the bugs that hang from the ceiling. Wonder what I will work on tonight? I think maybe more spring cleaning.


sunshine said...

Love your art room! It's gorgeous.
The painting that you are working on is beautiful!! And those Bug ladies are the bomb!
Looks like you're all ready to clean. I see a bottle of Mr.Clean on the floor! LOL
Seriously, everything looks lovely.
I've run out of adjectives so I must leave now...

Kim said...

Thank you Laura! You are the sweetest! If you saw this room in person you would think it was a disaster area! Even when it is clean it doesn't last long :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!!