Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another project finished

In the theme of trying to finish up projects I have started I worked on my dollhouse last night. I did not like the wooden door leading from the sales floor portion of my flower shop dollhouse into the design room. I decided it would look better with a beaded curtain in that doorway. I am ashamed to admit that I started this beaded curtain some months ago, then I started something new and promptly forgot about the curtain. Last night I finished it up. The pictures are kinda blurry- I really don't have the right camera for taking pictures of minis. I am also posting some pictures of my dollhouse so that you can get a feeling for what it looks like. The bakery front opens on the side of the dollhouse- that is the part my hubby and I added on. The flower shop half opens in the front of the dollhouse. Anyhow, I think the beaded curtain turned out kind of cute. I just need to paint the rod I have it hanging on.


sunshine said...

Wow! Everything looks so amazing.
Do you make everything inside or buy some of it? I mean the little pots, flowers and things...
Is that a person sitting in the window upstairs of the house?
What can I say? I'm astounded by your talent. Love the curtains by the way...


Kim said...


Some of the things I make and some I buy. I did not make the little flowers that look so realistic- mine do not turn out quite as well!!! I do tend to make what I can though because otherwise it can get so expensive! I do have a person in the upstairs window--I will have to post again about the husband and wife that live and work there! Thank you for the compliments!!!
Hugs back to you!!!

Tallulah~Belle said...

Kim it looks fantastic.

I loev the roof terrace - My first dollhouse, well it was my Moms really, had a roof garden.

The beaded curtain is really clever, how did you make it ?

And yes, you must tell us the story :-)

Where in MN are you. I lived there before I moved to CA...we lived in Minnetonka.


sunshine said...

Can't wait to hear about the couple "upstairs"..
What do you do with your dollhouses? Do you sell them or keep them or what??
Nosey Nellies need to know! LOL

sunshine said...

And I LOVE the blue and white tile in the back of the flower shop!

(I should probably just organize ALL of my thoughts at once and leave one comment.. Hehehe)

Doreen said...

I love the whole building. A flower shop, a bakery and residents upstairs. What a wonderful thing to have. You have done a great job so far and I love those curtains. Well done!

Kim said...


I made the curtain like you would bead a bracelet or necklace. I took a jump ring, went around it with wire and then used a crimp bead really tight against it. Then I added all the beads to the right length and put a crimp bead, one more bead and then back through the crimp bead again to end the single section. Hope that makes sense. I made about 36 of those single sections and then I threaded all of the jump rings onto a dowel for the curtain. I will try to post a picture this weekend of the curtain pieces on a piece of paper and not in the dollhouse so that you can see it better. Thank you for the compliment! I am up in Brainerd Minnesota- which is about 2 hours or so from Minnetonka. Have a great weekend!

Kim said...


This dollhouse sits in my living room. I look at it all the time and I don't think I could bear for it to be tucked away in a room out of sight! My hubby is so great to indulge me :) I have some plastic dollhouses from when I was a kid that are tucked into a guest room- but this house is the first one I have ever put this much love and work into :) I don't really feel I could sell anything I make- if you start to get interested in dollhouses you will see some astounding work that I could never ever come close to competing with. I just do it as a hobby because it makes me happy :)

Kim said...

Thank you Doreen!!!