Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sun is shining today

Today the sun is shining after a couple of days of rain. Last night I had my hair cut and colored. It is a little shorter than I usually go, but I have thick, fast growing hair so it won't stay that way long. Here is a before and after picture. I really hope you can tell which is which! I didn't realize I had so many wrinkles already- I don't feel a day over 20! Wrinkles are a sign of a life well lived, right?

We had some much needed rain here in my town in northern minnesota and now the trees are really starting to bud and it won't be long before the leaves start to pop. I went and received a stronger allergy medicine and I have to admit I am feeling a little less tired now. I guess I should have thought about allergies making me tired sooner! Now I have to start to catch up from a few days of being lazy and not doing much! Thank goodness the weekend is almost here! I love my cats dearly, but it is almost a job in itself to keep up with their shedding. Especially right now. If the sun continues to shine I hope to pour some more concrete on the garden path so perhaps there will be garden pictures come monday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Plugging along

I have not been feeling the best. Kind of down and tired. I seem to have little cycles like that. I used to ignore them and just force myself to keep going, but as I am getting older I am starting to give in and take a break. I have not been doing a lot the last few days. I have spent time in the garden---still clearing out debris. This usually takes some time each spring because I leave most if it in the fall for the animals. I feel the trade off of shelter and seed heads for food is worth the extra work in the spring. I have also been working on a painting for my cousin- you can see it here. It is in it's beginning stages- which I call the ugly stage. Right now I hate it and I usually have to force myself to keep working on it and not just toss it in the trash. Most times I get past this and can turn out a decent painting that I like. I have also been working on a table runner that is part of a present for a friend's wedding this summer. I am not happy with the way this is turning out- but that could just be because I am not so great at sewing and I was raised by a seamstress so my standards of sewing are set pretty high. My Mom is excellent at sewing. I have never paid for a comforter in my life- and I doubt I ever will. I cannot sew a comforter from scratch by myself, but I have become pretty darn good at sewing new duvet covers to go over old comforters when I get tired of them. Anyhow- the sun is shining today and I am hoping that I will start to feel my energy and enthusiasm return and not feel so blessed tired. Sunshine is like magic medicine sometimes, isn't it?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rainy gardens and new tea room floors

I have some eye candy to share today. First off, I have some pictures of my garden. So many others have shared wonderful pictures of blooming spring and I am grateful. My spring is still pretty brown. I have some pictures- still a lot of cleaning out of old stems and such from last year to be done. You can see that we have started the path a bit on the sunny days. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day- really warm too- I think we were in the 80's. The hubby and I decided it was a wonderful day to put more path down. Best laid plans. Out of nowhere a storm rolled in and we ran out in rainjackets to put the blue tarp you see in one picture down over the freshly laid concrete. It was refreshing- to say the least. It worked though- this morning the concrete was good and firm with no big craters from rain- but it is not quite dry yet. Hopefully we will get enough sun in the next couple of days to fix that. The iris that you see in one of the other pictures is about the tallest thing in my garden right now. If I had planted any spring bulbs you would see those here in Minnesota- but I did not do any bulbs in my garden last year.

I also am posting pictures of the floor in my tea roombox. I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt at doing my own flooring. It took longer than I thought it would, but I was only working on it in between all those real life things like laundry and dishes and my job. I am not done with the shelving- I have more plans and finishing to do, but I could not resist putting some of the tea sets in there just to see what it would look like. I can be such a kid sometimes!

I have lots of plans this weekend. Still painting a couple of rooms in the real house and I am in the process of re-covering some cushions on some chairs- so hopefully I will finish some of that and be able to work a bit on some minis.

Hope your weekend is wonderful too!


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Susan has a few awesome dollhouses she has rescued and is working on. She has one posted not too long ago that is a pretty exact replica of another blogger's childhood home. It is a very neat story- please visit her blog and take a look.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have a new follower today- please visit De at

De creates her own dollhouse miniatures also and has recently finished the furniture for a roombox that is divine! Thank you for reading my blog De! I hope you feel better soon!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have a couple of new followers today. Please welcome and visit Nikki. She has 3 blogs and they are all wonderful. I have been learning lots about minis from visiting her blog and I am amazed at the witches house she is building right now. You can visit her at: (I love this one because there is lots of Harry Potter and magical eye candy)

I would also like to welcome Rosanna from

Rosanna creates dollhouse miniatures and does exquisite needlework- a talent I envy. Please visit her and gaze at some of the beautiful things she has created.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My friend the turkey

I have a new friend that has been visiting my bird feeder. It is a female wild turkey! I don't have any pictures to share right now, but I hope I will have a chance to snap a few soon. She visited us twice last year, but she must have been a "teenager" still. I have seen her a couple of times already this year and she is BIG! I know a lot of people think that turkeys are kind of ugly, but I find her to be beautiful. It is such a treat to watch her eating at the feeder too. My hubby puts out cracked corn under the feeders for the wild rabbits and the squirrels. We didn't know we would attract turkeys too! Last year the last time that I saw her she had a little baby turkey with her. I hope we see baby turkeys this year too.


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Eli makes polymer clay dolls and animals and looks like she also has a dollhouse she is working on. Please visit her blog today- she makes some very cute minis! Thank you for following me Eli!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pink is not my favorite color

Pink is not my favorite color. I have no idea why I decided that my tea shop roombox needed to be pink, but it jumped out at me and so pink it is. We had gloomy, cold, damp weather much of the weekend, so I did manage to get some work done on my roombox as well as some work done on my real house. I am trying out a tip I saw on another blog where you take a linoleum tile and carve the grout lines for smaller tiles into the large tile. I don't know if I am doing it wrong or not, but it is hard on the hands. I managed to get the smaller room done before I decided I needed a couple days break from the carving. I also started to make the built in shelves along the back wall. They look pretty simple right now, but I decided mini making is like painting a picture. You have to have the ugly bit first to get to the beautiful bit. That's my story anyhow.

I spent a lot of the weekend painting real walls in my real house. Our old farmhouse has two stories. My hubby is not a fan of stairs, so I pretty much have taken over the second floor of our house. It has one large room (I call it the library guest room) that has bookshelves for my book addiction and a futon for guests that come to stay. There is a table and chairs up there for guests that want a workspace and our old desktop computer that I hardly ever use because it is sooooo slow compared to the laptop. I have been repainting this room- it is the horrid green color that you saw in the previous post with the chairs on the wall. No one but me would love that color! Right next to the large library room is my craft room, which is a huge disaster. I think almost anyone that has a craft room has a disaster at one point or another. My hubby's daughter and her family are coming at the end of May and so I really want to get that room upstairs cleaned up and looking fine for guests.

Today I am kind of cranky because I feel like I didn't really finish anything at all this weekend and I really want another day to stay home and not go to work! I also decided this morning that I need to get back on my weight watchers program so that my sundresses fit this summer, so of course I am cranky about that too! I think I am going to go do my work now and think about how much rain and gloom equals pretty flowers and how much better a pretty sundress is than chocolate. I am really going to have to work on that last one!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday I was so excited when I arrived home from work. My package from Jayne at was waiting for me. I don't think I was even out of the car before I was trying to get into it. (hubby was driving and handed me the box from the mailbox) I was the lucky person to be able to purchase her geranium and ivy planter that she just created. When I first was drooling over Jayne's work I really wanted one of her geraniums to hang by the front door to my flower shop so I was amazed that I was able to buy one so quickly! I cannot even tell you how much I love this piece of artwork. It is truly artwork. To look at this tiny plant and realize that someone lovingly made it out of paper and lovingly painted each leaf and constructed each vine and each flower- my head spins. This is the first time I have purchased a mini made by an artist, but I do not think it will be my last. I cannot say thank you enough to Jayne and I really hope she can tell how much I adore it. I took pictures, but even using the close up button on my camera does not get a good picture and you cannot tell how amazing this piece really is. I wish you could all come to my house and look at it in person. I was already in love with my dollhouse, but if it is possible I am even more in love with my dollhouse now. Jayne's artwork has every recommendation I can possibly give. Outstanding!
Now that I have gushed on and on, I almost forgot to tell you about the extra goodies Jayne sent to me. She also included an adorable little cat(made by Brenda) and a broken flower pot that the cat tipped over. I have it in the design room right now, but I did not spread the extra soil Jayne sent me around the pot yet because I need to think about whether or not it is going to stay there. Rose and Hans are trying to come up with a name for their new cat right now- good thing she is cute because she is kind of naughty. Rose is in love with her though, so she is still allowed in the flower shop. Hans says no cats in his bakery- he doesn't want customers eating cat hair!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Jayne- I really love it and I will treasure it always. Every time I look at it I smile.


I have a new follower to welcome today. A big welcome goes out to Helbel from Wales. She has been working on her dollhouse since 2007 and does other crafts too. I am quite jealous of her new craft room she is putting together! Please visit her blogs
and a cute one about her dog at

Thank you for visiting me Helbel! Wish I could visit your craft/art room in person!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have a new follower this morning. Please welcome Karin from
She is an antiques dealer and a miniaturist. Sounds like she also has furry children ruling her house so I know I will love her! The ruler of my house is about 3 pounds. Her name is Latte (she is a cat that I found abandoned outside the coffee shop in my town, hence the strange name). All the other cats and sometimes the humans in the house are scared of her. I feel your pain Karin.

Karin is dealing with a leaky roof right now, and since I live in an old, old farmhouse I can feel her pain there too. I hope you are staying dry and that your roof is fixed as good as new soon Karin!!! Thank you for reading my blog!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Shop

I really have not ever made my own dollhouse furniture. I have made the occasional accessorises- little plants, some things for my kitchen, bathroom do-dads- but furniture intimidates me. I want to learn so I am going to attempt to build as much as I can for the tea shop. I am not even sure of what layout I should do since usually I would decide on some furniture I wanted from a shop and make little paper layouts from the measurements to see if everything would fit before purchase. I decided to do this same idea for my furniture, so last night I started building a cardboard layout in the tea room. I know some of the skilled artists I follow might find this silly, but I truly don't know what I am doing and I would hate to waste a bunch of wood. Cardboard is much cheaper :) I have not progressed very far, but it is making it easier to decide what to do. I am a very visual person and numbers tend to confuse me, so seeing it is much better to me than reading a bunch of measurements on a paper. I welcome any "building" tips anyone wants to give me because I am truly winging it--is this a stupid way to start at it- am I just wasting my time?

Green, green, green!!!!

My husband is in the process of putting concrete on the main path in my garden. This is taking us awhile because I buy the concrete as I can afford it- no one wants to go into debt from gardening! Yesterday after work he decided it was going to stay warm enough last night to put a couple of bags of concrete down. I am so excited!!! I know that we won't get the entire path finished this year, but I hope we at least get half done. While hubby was laying the path down I worked a bit on clean up. I have a lot of clean up to do each spring because I leave a good portion of my garden standing in the fall. The birds feast on the seed heads of dead flowers and I think the stems sticking up trap the snow and I would rather have deep snow covering my soil than bare soil, which tends to heave with no snow cover. Anyhow, I now have little iris popping up through the soil, and of course the chives are coming up in my barrel. It's pretty hard to kill the chives- they are strong and one of the first things I see growing in my garden. I can hardly wait! I have no idea why I live in Minnesota- I adore my garden so much, you would think I would move somewhere with a longer growing season. Perhaps I love my garden so much because my time with it is not as long as I would like. I included a picture of roses I bought at Easter time so this post would have a bit of color. Brown gardens are not that interesting if you are not garden obsessed :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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Please welcome Traci from
She is just starting out in the blogging world. Traci works on dollhouse miniatures- she has pictures of a dollhouse she rescued and turned into a Mary Englebreit inspired house-it's beautiful. Traci is like me- she also has many projects started at once. A girl after my own heart.

A big welcome also to Debbie! Debbie has a couple of blogs. Please visit her at to see what she is up to in the dollhouse miniature world- she is working on a Diagon Alley project that I think is fascinating! Debbie also has a blog devoted to her shetland ponies at They are beautiful animals - you should really go take a look. I wish I had a pony, but hubby said no barn animals until at least one of us no longer needs to work full time. He said maybe I could have some chickens. Sigh. At least I can look at Debbie's blog and share her ponies virtually.

Thank you for visiting me and following me ladies!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Hello and welcome this morning to two new followers. First is Mary of which used to be Sunny Sunflower Miniatures. Her new blog is gorgeous, please drop by and check her out.

I also send a welcome out to Mayte of
She does beautiful reborn dolls- an art form I have never tried out. They are amazing! Mayte also has some of her 1/12 scale dollhouse miniatures on her blog and they look like you would like to move right in. Welcome Mayte and thank you for visiting my blog!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lazy sunday night

Well dinner is over, the dishes are done, my house is clean- so I get to grab some internet time. I actually spent about an hour out in the garden today clearing out some dried wet leaves and cleaning up. It's still too early to see much more than wild daisies, but it was just great to be out there. I also made a 2 layer cake for Easter- the first time I have ever tried to make a 2 layer cake and actually had it turn out kind of pretty looking. I was pretty proud of it, almost didn't want to cut it,'s cake, so you know I got past that and cut into it pretty quick. I finished my eggs in time and decided that I liked how they looked hanging from the chandelier instead of a branch. I found a little terra cotta bunny I had in the attic and so that was my little Easter display. In my colors :)

After my hubby's Mom and brother left we glued together a room box kit that my Mom had given to me last time I visited her. I have a miniature teaset collection, so I am thinking I am going to turn this room box into a tea shop with a little sitting area on one end where you could have tea and a storefront on the other end that sells tea and tea sets. Good way to display my collection if I can make it work. This will be the first time I try to make the shelves and furniture myself. I thought it might be a good learning project.

Anyhow, I think I hear a hot bath calling to me.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, it's pretty simple and basic, but I put a new banner up all by myself and it's not too bad for my first try. I really want to have some pictures of my garden or even maybe my own art up there, but for now I think it looks kinda cool. My smart and talented brother has promised to show me how to do more after he is not so busy with school. Education does come before play. For now I think it makes my blog look very happy!

Happy Easter

I hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful Easter weekend. My husband and I are just having his Mother and his brother over for dinner on Sunday. We don't have any little ones in my house so no egg hunts or baskets being ripped into with glee. I have had more than my share of Reese's Peanut Butter eggs this year though, and let me just say that I am thankful they do not sell them year round. I CANNOT seem to say no to them! I did start to paint myself some eggs in "my kind of colors". I am hoping I will finish enough by sunday to have a little tree like Mercedes- I am so jealous of her beautiful tree! I have 3 finished, I took a picture of them drying on my chandelier in the dining room. I took a couple of pictures of the new minis I received for my dollhouse, but after about a million pictures I still did not come out with any that were very clear. I think I need to learn how to use my camera better or get a better camera. Since the first option is free, I think I will start that way. Anyhow, I bought a decanter and two glasses for the bar cabinet in Han's office/library. I circled them on the photo since you cannot tell in either picture what they are! They are too cute- the glasses have cobalt blue stems.
There is also a bag of flour and a little measuring cup. The measuring cup was supposed to be clear, but it arrived an amber color. I don't really like it that color and I think I will end up just painting it white so it will look crisp and clean.
My snow is all melted now!!! When I went out to look in the garden last night after work I could see the wild daisies already starting to show their little green shoots. These daisies are tough- if we get another freeze they won't care, they'll just restart and come back anyways. Some people would call them a weed. I call them beautiful free flowers :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I don't really have anything to post for today. I woke up with the same headache I went to bed with so I decided that I needed to have chocolate cake for breakfast. Is there really anything that chocolate cake can't make a little bit better? Now I will go make some tea and hope that chocolate cake really does cure headaches. I received another mini's package in the mail yesterday. I received a glass decanter and 2 glasses for Han's library/office and a bag of flour with a measuring cup for the bakery. Pictures tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter and spring in orange

This is kind of a rambling post of thoughts and a reminder to myself to do something about it for next year. I simply adore looking at the blogs and flickr pictures of other people's homes decorated for the seasons. I am in love with posts of pastel easter displays and spring groupings, but my house is decorated year round in the colors that I personally love- which would be golden yellows, reds, maroons, darker blues, oranges and greens. You don't see many spring cute fun easter displays in oranges, reds and yellows. I think my mission for next year is to create my own fun display using the colors that would match my home, but still convey a fun feeling of spring and the new season of growing life. I love the Easter Egg Tree over on Mercede's Liberty Biberty blog- maybe I could make something like that if I included some peach and soft green and soft yellow eggs with yellow, red and orange eggs? Hmmmmm, I think that I am thinking of another project to add to my list. I probably even have all the supplies for it up in the mess I call my art room!

Bug Lady Progresses

Last night I was feeling kinda lazy so I sat on the couch to watch Heros and I stitched the rest of the leaves for the head of my large bug lady. I have about 12 little bugs that I made hanging from the ceiling of my art room and I decided when I was looking at my birdhouse gourds one day that I needed a larger version to help me out in my art room too. Her head is an upside down birdhouse gourd that is glued onto a wood and wire armature body. Then I did paper mache on top of that for the shape of her body. Her skirt is an upside down tomatoe cage. She still has a lot of work to go but at least the back of her head is covered now! Here are some pictures of her, my messy, messy art room and the bugs that hang from the ceiling. Wonder what I will work on tonight? I think maybe more spring cleaning.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Okay, I am officially old! I just now figured out how to make a link to another webpage when I am posting. I guess it only takes me a couple months to learn something new!! :)

I guess I will have to spend some more time over at Blogger help and see what else I can learn!

Spring cleaning

I spent the weekend cleaning. Spring is coming and I want to get my house in order so that I can spend my time more wisely outside in the garden. Usually in the summer I come home from work, put on my "outdoor" clothes and head to the garden until about 8 or 9 pm. I love my garden so much. This lasts until August- when it is way too hot for me to be out there in the sun. I don't mix well with too much sun. In August I usually work in the garden very early in the morning before work and later in the evening as the sun is starting to set. I can feel the soil in my hands already. Oh well, back to the cleaning. I spent the weekend cleaning and this weekend I also managed to move my collection of little chairs of all sizes to the wall in my library room. How good it feels to get things accomplished. I started working on my little cakes to go into the smaller cake plates, but I did not get far-so no pictures of that for now.


Please help me welcome 2 new followers today. First we have Minna from Finland. Minna loves dollhouse miniatures. She has some jars and mugs posted from April 5th that she made herself that are wonderful! Please check her out at:

Next we have Evilla from Belgium. Evilla makes wonderful dollhouse miniatures out of clay and she has lots of other crafts she creates. I love her creativity! Please visit her at:

Thank you for following me ladies!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I love mini mail!!

Yesterday I received a package in the mail of some miniature glass covered cake plates!! They are adorable- I ordered one large plate and 2 plates meant for 1/2" scale that I am using as smaller plates in my 1/12 scale house. Here are pictures of the new cake plates as well as pictures of the plates in the bakery. The bakery still is a work in progress. You can also see Hans- the bakery owner standing near one of the cake cases. Hans is married to Rose- the flower shop owner. They both live in the apartment above the shops. Rose met Hans while she was in Germany for a floral designer workshop. He fell in love with her and followed her here back to Minnesota. I wish I could play with the dollhouse more, but I have to go clean the litter box and scrub down the bathroom. I think tomorrow I might have to make a couple little cakes for those two small cake stands. How cute are they???


I am happy to welcome a new follower today. Please visit Cathy at
Cathy makes and sells the most fabulous dollhouse miniature cakes, candies, cookies and more. I have purchased some cookies and cookies in a box from her and they are amazing. You can see them in my bakery counter pictured here- the cookies in the box and some of the goodies in the case are made by Cathy. Please visit her website too if you have time.

Thank you for following me Cathy!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cleaning, more cleaning and new shelves

Unfortunately, last night I had to bite the bullet and admit that I could not let my real house go one more day without some cleaning. Oh how I wish that I had cleaning fairies living at my house. Anyhow, while I was cleaning up my hubby finished some floating shelves for me for the living room. I think they turned out great- I am really happy with them. Yes....I know I have pumpkins hanging in my living room. They are there year round. I firmly believe in surrounding yourself with things that make you happy if you want to be happy. Pumpkins make me smile every single time I look at them. I don't mind if people think I am a bit strange- perhaps I am :) At least I am a weirdo with a clean house (hee hee hee)


Please help me welcome a new follower this morning! Welcome to Jean Day from: and

She is a very skilled artist in dollhouse miniatures. Please visit her blog where you will be able to see some of her wonderful work as well as her website, where she has lots of wonderful handmade minis and kits for sale. Thank you for visiting me Jean- I look forward to browsing through your website this weekend!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another project finished

In the theme of trying to finish up projects I have started I worked on my dollhouse last night. I did not like the wooden door leading from the sales floor portion of my flower shop dollhouse into the design room. I decided it would look better with a beaded curtain in that doorway. I am ashamed to admit that I started this beaded curtain some months ago, then I started something new and promptly forgot about the curtain. Last night I finished it up. The pictures are kinda blurry- I really don't have the right camera for taking pictures of minis. I am also posting some pictures of my dollhouse so that you can get a feeling for what it looks like. The bakery front opens on the side of the dollhouse- that is the part my hubby and I added on. The flower shop half opens in the front of the dollhouse. Anyhow, I think the beaded curtain turned out kind of cute. I just need to paint the rod I have it hanging on.

Welcome New Follower and an award!!

I wanted to welcome a new follower today! Please welcome Rachel from !! She loves miniatures also- she is creating her grandparents kitchen in miniature and I am loving being along for the journey. Please take time to visit her blog- she has some of the cabinets made and they look amazing! Thank you for following me Rachel!

I also have received the "I Love Your Art Award" from Tallulah-Belle! Thank you so much- I am so glad that others like to read what I have to say. Seven things that I love....aside from my family.

1. My hands. Silly, but I thank God often for my hands that allow me to create and express myself.

2. My home and my job that allows me to heat it and maintain it and pay it off.

3. Rain. I love, love, love the rain.

4. My garden and all the creatures that I share it with.

5. Books. I will be sad if we ever go all computerized. I love the smell of books. I love to feel their pages. I love the stories they contain that fuel my imagination.

6. Miniatures!!! I am fascinated by all things mini!

7. Autumn. I love anything to do with the fall season. The colors, the leaves, the pumpkins, acorns, sweaters, bonfires, carmel apples.... I could go on and on.

I am still so new to the blogging world that I think I need to get to know some of you better before I go taggin willy let me say that this award applies to every blog that I follow and if you would like to post this on your blog then I tag you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Welcome!!!!

I am very excited to extend a second welcome today to Tallulah-Belle!
She makes exquisite dollhouse miniature flowers and plants.....I see a shopping spree in my future when I have some spending money! Please visit her website as well as her blog-- you do not want to miss out on seeing her amazing work. I am in awe- I really think that my flower shop is going to have to place an order sometime this spring :)

and her blog is:

Thank you for visiting me Tallulah-Belle!!


I have a new follower today!! I am always so surprised and excited to find a new follower! Please help me welcome MiniKat from

She is also interested in dollhouse miniatures and has as many little animals living in bliss with her as I do! I also love that she posted pictures and stories about her first miniatures and first dollhouse. I also tended to scrap together minis with whatever I could find- I remember making pies in bottlecaps!

Thank you for visiting me MiniKat!!!! PS- The dress you made for the wedding is beautiful!!!!!

Happy April Fools Day!!!

I wish the winter wonderland I woke up to this morning was an april fools joke, but it's not. It is, however, incredibly beautiful and they say the temps should be in the forties at the end of this week and going into next week, so it will not be here long. It is a heavy wet snow and it has coated everything. The trees are all white- I told my husband that it looks like something out of a movie. I have not been feeling the best the last couple of days so I have not been up to much. Cleaning the house a bit after work and watching tv while I do some hand sewing. Not a lot to share. Unfortunately, when we are this close to spring and the weather turns from warm back to cold I think I get a little bummed out. I am thinking that my energy will probably return as the warm weather returns- or at least as the sun returns.

Here are some pictures from my garden and yard this morning and a picture of my bathroom floor. The new tiles look much better against the wood walls in my bathroom.