Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is Coming

Spring is on it's way here in Minnesota. I just have to be patient. The seed catalogs have been showing up in my mailbox for awhile, so I am really eager to get outside and dig in dirt. We can always have another frost here in Minnesota right up to Labor Day weekend in late May, so I really do need to be patient and be happy to see some of the grass again- even if it is brown. At least with all of the melting puddles the beautiful scent of wet soil is returning. I love the smell of wet soil.

I have been kind of tired out this week so I am sharing some pictures of work in my journal. The first picture is the cover of my journal and it is my favorite cover so far because it was so fun to paint. I make my journal's from scratch now- ever since attending artfest in 2005 and being able to touch the handmade journals of Teesha Moore. This particular journal has plexiglass covers and the image was painted on the reverse side of the plexiglass. It was so much fun to paint! You had to remember to paint the things you would want on the top of your painting first....harder than it sounds! I made a few mistakes, but I am still happy with it for my first attempt. I learned this technique from another wonderful artist Judy Wise after I saw it on her blog and asked her how she had made hers.

The rest of the pictures are pages from my journal. I smudged out all the writing. I am still not quite brave enough to have the whole world reading my personal journal....I might get there someday but for now I smudge. Anyhow- happy spring to anyone out there waiting patiently for winter to end along with me.


journal faces

journal garden

journal mother teresa

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Debi Minter from WY said...

HEY! I've got a little journal like that! Same girl only she's looking straight at me! I write really special quotes in it and its a wonderful reference for me when I'm stuck on something to add to a painting or journal page. Just wanted you to know that I LOVE it so much!