Monday, March 30, 2009

Is it Really Monday?

Is it really monday? I did not think the weekend was long enough this time around. I was very busy and productive this weekend, but I did not get around to taking the camera out to take any pictures. I spent most of my day saturday cleaning up from the latest round of home improvement projects Randy(the hubby) has been working on. After finishing our living room and dining room floors he decided that we really needed to raise the bathroom floor to meet up to the other rooms. It was about 1/2" lower than the other rooms. So.......another flurry of sawdust whipped around my house and pounding and occasional swearing. (there is always a couple swear words in each project) I now have a bathroom floor that meets level with the other rooms and new linoleum tiles are down. The sawdust is once again vacuumed up and most of the dusting is done. I have a plan to further convert my attic into a workshop for Randy, because I really hate wasting my time cleaning up the entire house again after each project. I never complain though---I would be stupid to give him an excuse to not fix these things, wouldn't I? Sunday I spent sewing some more on the second wing for my large bug lady and I finally painted some of the ceilings in my flower shop dollhouse. The flower shop is my first "real" dollhouse and I was so excited when I bought it that I started wallpapering and decorating and I totally forgot to paint the ceilings. I will never, ever be that stupid again. It is not really easy to paint the ceilings once the wallpaper and flooring and everything are all installed. It is slow work and you need a pretty steady hand. I am about halfway done. I wish I could have had 2 more days. I want to paint in my library room in my real house and I need to finish painting in my dining room. I need a clone. Of course, if I had a clone, I would just consider that an excuse to play in my art room all day and drink wine. Maybe a clone is not such a good idea. Happy monday!

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sunshine said...

Glad that you got your bathroom fixed up! I am so sick of "fixing up" it's not even funny. I'm with you.. the dust and crap is horrible and a pain to clean up! At least he's handy though, you don't have to pay anyone else to do it! That's a bonus.
By the sounds of things I think I'd like to move into your dollhouse please! :)