Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I want to garden!!!!!

The past couple of days here in Minnesota have been a mixture of rain and sleet. Parts of this area really do not need the rain- in Fargo, North Dakota they are sandbagging like crazy to keep the rising river at bay. I love the rain, but I hate to see people lose their homes and lives to a rising river. I hope that the weather gives them a much needed break soon.

This is the time of year that I itch to get out in the garden. I have quite a bit of time before I can really do much out there. April and May is filled with pulling whatever weeds show up and inspecting the soil daily to see if I can see any new shoots of perennials re-awakening. Yesterday after work I went out to take a couple of pictures to share of my garden in late March. Pretty brown, but the rain will be waking up my sleeping flowers and next month I will have the joy of seeing green slowly poke through the brown. I usually don't take much of the old brown stems out till May---just in case we get another snowstorm they have a touch of protection still. My outdoor cat, Mr. Kitty Kitty, is glad the weather is turning warm too. He loves to lay on the garden path and sun in the summer.


sunshine said...

Hi there! I was just out "Blog Walking" and happend upon you! I love your blog. :D
Your garden looks like it will be lovely in full bloom. I can't wait to get out too. It's been a loooong winter!
I'm in Ontario, Canada and live right in the snow belt. The snow is going but not fast enough for me.
I peeked back at some of your older posts. Your hubby is doing a great job on the stairs. I know.. you're never done with a house! Always something to do.
Anyhow, I think I'll follow along with you if that's okay. I enjoy your style of writing.
Take care!

Kim said...


Thanks so much for visiting! I took a look at your blog and am following along also. Thanks for the compliments on the stairs. I have been passing any comments the house remodeling gets on to the hubby in hopes that all the praise makes him want to do more :) A girl has got to try, right? You take care too!!


Angela said...

Your just like me with the rocks..I love rocks...

Doreen said...

I loved seeing your garden in this state. I am going to do the same thing - I am going to take pictures of it now so I can also put them on my blog. I also live in Ontario Canada and we realy can't rely of spring until after the 24th of May. Thanks for following my blog we seem to like the same things.