Monday, March 9, 2009

House work....

My friend Debi mentioned that I should show some of the work that we have done on our house. Our house is not the type of house that a person that restores homes would jump at. However, it was a good price range for us when we bought it and we have an incredible 7 acres around us, which is what enticed us to buy it. The house itself is a mod-podge of whatever building materials the first owners could find when they built it and whatever must have been the cheapest as it was added on to. There are no level surfaces, no square walls and every repair for more comfort has been challenging to say the least. It is finally starting to become a house I am very proud of although a lot of people would not think it is all that special compared to a brand new home. I like the character and quirkiness of my home and at this point in my life I would not trade it for anything.
This picture shows my new living room ceiling. The living room originally had dark paneling walls, popcorn ceilings and a floor that looked like an upside down bowl. This means it was high in the center of the room, but dropping down quite a bit by each wall. We recovered the ceiling in tounge and groove boards and the same boards form a waiscotting on the bottom of the walls. The top half of the paneling was re-covered by textured wallpaper that I then painted. Hope this works from my flickr page!

ceiling living room

The second picture shows the laminate flooring we installed. We still have lots of trimwork and finishing touches to do in the living room, but what a big difference so far- wish I had kept some before pictures! The entire floor had to be leveled for the laminate and it was not fun. I envy people with level homes :)

living room floor

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