Monday, March 9, 2009

Bug lady and cooking

I sneak in periods of art where I can these days. I have stayed pretty busy trying to finish up house projects...I know there must be an end in sight. When I can I try to finish up projects that I have started but not completed and this is one of them. I have about 14 little bug women hanging from the ceiling in my art studio and I decided I needed a larger version to stand next to my desk. This is the start of the bug lady- I don't know what her name will be yet. She is about 3-4 foot tall and her skirt is an upside down tomatoe cage to give you an idea of size. I am currently sewing her wings which will be covered in sequins.

Studio gaurdian

Studio guardian

I have also been trying to learn to cook and this is such a fun little toy that my sweet hubby gave me for christmas :) I am in love with it.


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